A to Z Challenge – R is for Reviews

Hi all,

Hope you’re having a good bank holiday weekend – tbh I’ve been working most of it so hasn’t seemed much different. Ah well. Today, I wanted to briefly mention reviews. I’ve seen a few things going round lately – authors criticising reviewers for not giving them them 5 stars, reviewers leaving nasty reviews that make authors want to leave the business. It just makes me rather sad. I know, like most authors, that reviews are invaluable. More than that though, it’s a chance for you as a writer to get some honest feedback from a reader on what they liked and didn’t like in your book, what they thought worked and what didn’t.

reviewWhile no one is going to lie and say they wouldn’t love a 5 star review, then any decent author should be happy with one that’s simply honest and fair. If someone doesn’t think  a part of your story works, or they disliked something about it, then that’s their opinion and they have a right to it. Everyone is different and you’re never going to please everyone all the time. At the same time, authors are only human – it takes a lot to put yourself and your work out there, it’s a personal thing and therefore anything that comes back, especially if it’s negative, is hard not to take a little personally (no matter how hard you might try not to sometimes!)

Even that aside though, I love all reviews I get, it means someone has read my work and took the time to comment – how can you not appreciate that? 🙂

Take care x