Blogging from A to Z Challenge – Day 2: B is for Beauty

Hi all,

In a week where Emma Watson has been hitting the headlines for criticising the unhealthy image of beauty being portrayed by the media I thought it was an interesting subject to touch on. Like no doubt many other people I grew up on fairy tales and Disney movies – the beautiful princess meeting her handsome prince and living happily ever after. Perhaps it’s not that much of a surprise I ended up writing romance 🙂


But what about the plain princess who preferred to stick her head in a book (even Belle, who was always my favourite Disney princess was still the ‘most beautiful’ girl in the village), what about the girl who wasn’t a princess at all. Why did you never hear about her, didn’t she deserve her happy-ever-after as well? Did the princess have to be beautiful – or was she just always called beautiful because she was the princess? 🙂

The heroines I find more interesting when I’m reading or watching something are the ones who don’t adhere to a ‘perfect’ version of beauty. Those who might be a bit quirky, who are too busy living their lives and often kicking-ass to bother with glam clothes or perfect hair and make-up. Those who are real and relatable to, who will make mistakes and probably muck things up at times but who you can’t help rooting for anyway. Those are the heroines that I love to read about – and the only ones that are fun to write about.
b19231fa17abf10b5309ee534c5b2b66I love this quote – it sums up a lot of what I look for in my heroines 🙂 They can stand on their own two foot, fight for what they believe in – and the people they love. Their beauty comes from within. What do you think – what do you look for in a heroine, or what’s your beauty ideal?

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