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Hope you’re all having a fab weekend 🙂 We’re just a week away from Halloween – one of my favourite times of year. As you may have guessed from my writing I love all things paranormal, so what better than a holiday that celebrates all the fun of spookiness and magic? And let’s not forget some spooky Halloween reading (though I must admit I like a bit of romance mixed in).

Love Reawakened 3My novella, Love Reawakened features a sassy witch, a rather yummy necromancer, an escaped zombie, and of course, the obligatory dash of magic and romance 😉 I think it’s perfect for Halloween (okay, so I may be a wee bit biased!) so would love to share it with you. All you need to do at get a shiny FREE copy is to comment on this post telling me what you like best about Halloween and then signup for my newsletter (you should be able to do this at the bottom of your comment anyway but if not just hop over to the newsletter page of the site, it’s painless, I promise!).

In case you’re not convinced yet (and really, it’s free lol!), here’s a wee excerpt:

Shocked gasps came from behind her, but the vibrations were already running through the ground. Quickly, she smeared the blood around the edges of the circle. The energy was rising now, waves spreading out as the hairs on her arms stood up, and tiny tremors ran through the soles of her shoes. She drew a final symbol in the blood on the gravestone itself, the rough stone grazing her fingers and making the lines awkward.

“Patrick Connell, rise. Come from your grave at my command. Rise from your sleep at my bidding.”

nightThe earth in front of her practically bubbled now, and then it parted, and a tall figure emerged. Neil almost shrieked behind her, but her attention stayed focused on the corpse in front of her. He was newly dead and perfectly preserved. In fact, gazing at him, you would barely know the difference if you saw him walking down the street. She was quite proud. She didn’t do this spell much, but this was a damn good raising!

“Patrick Connell, you have been raised at my command. You will do as I say and nothing more, bound to me by blood and magic. Do you understand and obey?”

The corpse looked at her, surprising clarity in his deep blue eyes. She didn’t think she’d ever raised one this ‘new’ before, and it was actually a little disconcerting how alive he appeared. He’d obviously been a handsome man, tall with broad shoulders, thick dark hair, strong jaw, and quite startling eyes. Then he opened his mouth and said a single word.


Hooked yet? 😉 Don’t forget, just leave a comment and then sign up for the newsletter and you get it completely free!

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10 thoughts on “Free Paranormal Romance Ebook for Halloween

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Halloween. I’m now a Witch and it’s one of my favorite holidays. One year when I was younger I dressed as Rita Repulsa for Halloween. Makeup, nails, etc
    Now I love seeing hot men in skimpy Halloween outfits.

    1. Ooh, that sounds like fun. I’m loving the pics of Elizabeth Banks as her in the new movie, looks like could be a good costume for next year lol!

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    if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with
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    1. It depends entirely on which platform you put the blog on. Sites like and blogger have lots of templates and basic sites that you can easily edit without using any code. But of course it depends how advanced you want things to be.

  3. Saw this a little late, but that seems to fit with what I like about the holiday. I like being able to buy all the candy for half the ridiculous prices the day after. And this year I even got my dog a costume to wear next year because it was so cheap!

    1. Lol, I was debating whether to take my life into my hands and put the cats in costume. Maybe next year 🙂

      1. My dog doesn’t mind clothes. We got him a sweater for Christmas last year. Actually helped a little during thunderstorms. He freaked out less. Sort of like those special vests they make for that purpose.

        The costume was a bee, so he was confused by the wings bouncing on his back and wasn’t feeling the hood it has. Was an entertaining few minutes. There’s a pic on my social media (cross posted to all I think, so choose one, haha). Don’t think I can add a pic to the comment here.

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