Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

img_4693-600x441Start of a new week and a slightly late post since I seem to have been running round all day! Then get home and go online to see the sad news about David Bowie. There’s not a lot of people that you can say were absolute legends, but I think he definitely counts as one them. Someone who went his own way, had his own style and never let anyone change that about him. Will be sadly missed 🙁

So, apart from being a bit gutted by that today, it’s been another busy week. Am enjoying being back to the writing, and Niko and Katya’s story is definitely coming along 🙂 I do need to give myself a kick with the editing, but at least new work in being done and that makes me happy.

HPI’ve also treated myself to a wee break at the end of the month – going to Harry Potter Studios – squee! I’m so excited, am a huge fan and have been wanting to go since it opened but never quite managed it. Get to get my geek on to my heart’s content plus haven’t had a break in a while so should be nice 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to curl up and watch Labyrinth. Take care x