Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

Monday rolls round again – hope you’ve got a fun week planned. I think a bit of spookiness and a lot of candy is probably mandatory 😉 I’m spending my day trying to avoid facebook and twitter so no one spoils The Walking Dead for me – unfortunately it’s on too late here for me to stay up and watch so have to wait until I get home tonight. Am very nervous about who dies – I may be crying into my Halloween candy later lol.

Who else is a fan? Have you seen it yet? If you’re still in a zombie mood then check out my giveaway from yesterday – I’ve giving away free ebook copies of my zombie-themed paranormal romance (I promise it’s not as scary as TWD!) Link is here:


Anyway, lots to do – really need to get some writing in inbetween being traumatised by a tv show 🙂 Hope you have an equally fun day planned!

Take care x