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Weekend at last – and can you believe it’s out last one before Christmas? Hope you’ll all feeling organised and Christmassy ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’m getting there, waiting on some last bits coming through the post, so fingers crossed nothing’s too late! To keep in the Christmassy spirit, I’m sharing an excerpt from my angel romance, Divine Justice – hope you enjoy.


Jeremiah set his teeth as they had to return to the metal box. Why could humans not find a d632891b93e42d44292c7b22f223f958more suitable means of transport? Still, he’d managed to find an excuse to stay close to Holly, for now at least. So far she was perfect, from her petal soft skin to her delicate features, from her kindness to the banked passion he saw behind her eyes. The way she always seemed to care about everyone, even when she had no logical reason to. There had to be something wrong with her, he just wasn’t looking hard enough.

He breathed a sigh of relief when she pulled into the same parking lot where they had met last night. If he had to spend much more time in this death contraption then he might just end up telling the council they could do whatever they wanted to him, it would surely be preferable. Instead, he forced himself to follow Holly’s lead and get out, breathing in thankful gasps of the frosty air. She gave him a brief smile before heading towards the nondescript building that he knew housed the soup kitchen. He strode after her, mentally going over what he knew about it. It was run totally on donations, a woman called Mary being in charge. Holly volunteered here all year round, one of the very few who did, and it looked like the centre was in trouble money-wise.

Background details but nothing that really helped him at the moment. He followed the slight woman in front of him as she pushed open the heavy door and into the rush of warm air and scent of cooking food.

โ€œHolly,โ€ a robust elderly woman came dashing over to her. โ€œI’m so glad you could make it. Peter isn’t coming in and we’re short again.โ€

angel-cover-7Holly embraced the shorter woman and then stood back and gestured towards Jeremiah. โ€œMary, this is Jeremiah. He’s offered to help us out a bit today.โ€

Mary’s face broke into smiles as she warmly shook his hand. โ€œThat’s wonderful. It’s so nice to meet you, Jeremiah. You’re a lifesaver today.โ€

He took her hand, a little uncomfortable with the praise. โ€œDon’t worry about it. Holly was kind enough to help me out, so the least I can do is give something back.โ€

Mary shot a searching glance at the other woman, and Holly flushed slightly and looked away. Was she embarrassed to be associated with him? Fair enough, he was acting the part of a homeless bum but somehow he hadn’t thought she seemed the type that would matter to. A stab of disappointment pricked him. Stupid, you wanted a sign she wasn’t as perfect as she seems. He pushed the thoughts aside, this was just a job anyway. Nothing more. He flashed Mary a smile.

โ€œSo, what do you want me to do?โ€

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