Release Day – Scarlett Temptation!

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Apologies for the lack of posting lately, personal life and then lurghy have rather got in the way. Still, I’m back with good news – I have a new release out day (squee!). Scarlett Temptation is finally here  – annnnnd it’s on a special offer price this weekend only. Goes up to full price on Monday, so if you’re wanting a bargain make sure you grab your copy quick 🙂



Niko cover 600x900What if the fairy-tales were true – but they got it all wrong?

Everyone Katya thought she could rely on has betrayed her in the end, yet when she finds she has a long-lost niece a tiny traitorous part of her rears up – the part that has always longed for a real family – and before she quite knows how it’s happened she’s flown halfway around the world to meet Natalia. But Natalia lives in a strange place full of secrets. Big bad wolves and red cloaks belong in fairytales, right? The more Kat finds out the more she’s forced to suspend disbelief – and dare to wish she could stay.

Niko has given his whole life to his pack – almost literally when his last fight nearly killed him. Years of being second in command have left him drained and cynical. Once he dared to dream about a mate – and it blew up in his face. So why is he still impossibly drawn to Kat? The attraction may be off the charts, but surely he learnt his lesson last time about letting anyone into his heart.

Two lost and broken people might not be willing to admit they need anyone – but when Kat is thrown into danger, they may not have a choice but to trust each other. Can this temptation lead to anything more?

You can get your hands on a copy here:



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Thursday Teaser – Paranormal Romance

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Hope your week’s doing well. I may have been slightly distracted on my original Nano project into a Christmas story – but hey, it’s almost that time of year. Everyone loves Christmas stories right? *shifty look* Anyway, I’m enjoying it and it won’t be too long so hopefully can get it finished off soon and then out in time 🙂

In the meantime thoufh, I’m sharing a teaser from my next wolves book, which I promise will be out soon! I know I seem to have been saying that for a while but edits have taken longer than I thought they would and I don’t want it going out until it’s right. In the meantime though, hope you enjoy this 🙂


cottageQuickening her pace, she headed down the winding track towards the main village. The light was fading fast, casting deep and slightly creepy shadows, while every rustle in the trees on either side made her start. It’s just your imagination, just your imagination. Or was it? The rustling to her left was getting louder and steadier. Her heart started pounding as she broke into a half jog. The noises were closer though, effortlessly keeping up with her. Sweat broke out, trickling down her back and stinging her eyes. Oh God, what the hell had she been thinking heading out in the dark on her own?

Katya. The voice in her head was deep, familiar and edged in concern

Niko? Relief made her not only telepathically reach out towards him – something she’d never done before – but stop in her tracks. Thank God! He would find her and…

wolves-and-werewolves-fire-and-ice-the-wolf-pack-23828159-240-320A huge, furry shape sprang from the shadows, heading straight for her. She screamed in terror as it knocked her down. There was a glimpse of bared teeth, hot breath on her face. Frantically she began scrabbling backwards, another shriek escaping her when a firm hand gripped her arm, dragging her to her feet. A human hand. For an instant she thought Niko had somehow magically found her, but this man was taller, thinner, with shaggy light brown hair. He was human though.

Please,” she gasped, “you have to help me.”

He smiled at her and his eyes glowed in the faint moonlight. Fuck, not so human. She tried to run but the hand tightened on her arm, she was dragged back against him, a strong-smelling cloth pressed against her face. Her struggles slowed and darkness crept in.

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Wednesday Snippet – Wolf Shifter Romance

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Hope you’re all having a fun week (and of course, a spooky Halloween-themed one!). I’m very excited as off to see Doctor Strange this afternoon – I do love me some Cumberbatch 😉 Hopefully it will be good, or I’ll only end up seeing it half a dozen times instead of the usual full dozen lol.

In the meantime though… I’m sharing an excerpt from my upcoming release. This is the next in my wolves series and should be coming out next month, so I really hope you’ll all like it!

bfsgraywolf1Katya stood there for a long moment. She should head back to the high street, she really should. She had no business staying here with a man she’d never even met and knew nothing about. But he’d apparently saved her niece’s life. That was what she told herself as she slowly crossed back to the bed. There was a chair by the wall and she carefully pulled it up to the bed, and taking a seat gently reached out to take the man’s hand in hers. What the hell was she doing? Yet there was an odd rightness to it and she didn’t pull her hand back.

She studied his face, calm and relaxed as though he was merely sleeping, yet she had the feeling that when awake calm was not a word that would describe him.

“Where have you gone?” She whispered softly. “And why don’t you want to come back?”

With an odd sense of clarity, she suddenly knew that was the case. He didn’t want to come back from wherever his mind has taken him.

“It can’t be so bad here,” she told him. “You obviously have people who care about you.” To her shock tears stung her eyes. “It’s more than I have.”

The wave of loneliness washed over her. She had grown comfortable in the last few days but this was just a stop gap. Natalia had her own life, and while she might be welcome for a visit then she really had no proper place in it. Soon she would

have to leave, get back to her own task, and she would alone again. The way she always was. Blood was rushing in her ears and her eyes burned with tears. Abruptly the walls seemed to be closing in on her and she frantically tried to get up, tugging her hand back from the heavy weight of the man’s hand on top of it.

cottageTo her shock and horror it wouldn’t release her. Panic ran through her as she tugged harder. A small part of her knew she was being irrational, it was probably an automatic reflex in him that he had gripped on to her, but she was pretty sure a full blown anxiety attack was coming on and she needed to get the hell out of here.

“Let go of me!” She half sobbed, half shouted.

Two things happened almost at once. A wiry man in a white coat appeared in the doorway. Glancing from her tear-streaked face to their clasped hands his face drew into a frown.

“What on earth is going on here?”

Just as she was trying to answer, the grip on her hand increased even more and her attention swung to the man on the bed, who was gazing at her with deep amber eyes.



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Friday Romance Teaser

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Well, it’s finally weekend! To be honest, I’m stuck doing a 12hr shift tomorrow so not going to be the most relaxing one for me, but ah well, hopefully can get some writing squeezed in around that. I do normally have guest authors on a Friday but since there seems to be a gap today I thought I would share something from my new wolves book. This is currently with my editor and hopefully there will be a release date coming very soon 🙂 In the meantime, hope you enjoy!


Natalia was half-dragging her along now, her niece moving with surprising speed. Whatever was following them seemed to be moving faster though, Katya could hear it alongside them now. She pushed her aching limbs to keep moving, while panic caught her breath in her throat. The sounds in the bushes suddenly stopped, the woods eerily silent apart from their crashing footsteps and labored breaths. Kat was just starting to think maybe whatever the hell it was had fucked off and found something better to stalk, when there was a huge crash through the bushes just ahead of them, and a huge – seriously huge – dark gray wolf was blocking their way.


Kat couldn’t stop the shriek that escaped her as the two women stopped in their tracks. The creature’s thick fur was bristling, his head was slightly down with lips curled back over an impressive set of white teeth, and its glowing eyes were fixed on them. For an instant something in those amber eyes seemed familiar, and then the thought was pushed away on a wave of pure panic.

Oh my God.” She whispered.

Tension thrummed through her, every muscle tightening. Her body screamed at her to run, even though her brain knew there was no chance they could outrun a wolf. This was it. This was how she was going to die. And damn it, it really wasn’t fair. Just when things were finally sort of starting to go right for her, when she’d found some family. Now she would never get the chance to see Naomi again, to hold her child, to get her back. Her parents would have a goddamn field day with this one.

summer-game-of-thrones-direwolves-34317098-954-536Natalia was trying to gently push her back with one hand, her back straightening as she kept eye contact with the wolf.

Let’s all just stay calm here,” she said to it. “Don’t do something you’re going to regret.”

Seriously? Her niece was trying to reason with a wild animal that looked like it wanted to eat them. And she’d thought she was losing it.

Stay calm. We need to stall it, Damian is on his way.

Okay, scrap that, she was losing it more. She could have sworn she heard Natalia’s voice inside her head. The woman’s lips hadn’t moved, but her words had been clear as day.

You’re not losing it. Please, just trust me.

Sure, she was dying anyway. Why not go just give in to the madness at this stage? What was it the imaginary Natalia in her head had wanted – stall the vicious wild animal. Made perfect sense, right?

Good wolfie, wolfie.” She crooned. “See, you don’t want to hurt us really. We’d make a terrible meal, all gristly and that. Plus, I’m American, everyone knows American food is just the worse. Nothing but junk.” She giggled, an edge of pure panic skating it. Yup, she was going to die a crazy woman – nothing new there. The funny thing was the wolf was actually staring at her as she talked with an expression that on a human could only be described as incredulous. Even the wolf thought she was nuts.

Hehe, well you’ll have to come back soon to see what happens. Have a great weekend. Take care x

Saturday Sale – Free Fairy Tale Romance Read!

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Hope your weekend is off to a good start 🙂 I’m relieved the heat is coming down slightly here (though I’m sure many of my readers across the pond are mildly amused at us Brits melting in what is probably ‘might need a sweater’ weather fot them lol!). Anyway I’m in a good mood – and we’re having a sale! Scarlett Legacy is free on Amazon for this weekend only.

What if the fairy tales were true – but they had it all wrong? Scarlett Legacy is a fairy tale inspired romance, with a Big Bad Wolf you really won’t want to miss! Here’s a teaser.

SL Promo

His body was like something out of a magazine, or like the Greek statues at the museums she’d been to for tedious fundraisers. Bronzed skin covered sculpted muscles with a dusting of hair leading down into his pants—which, oh Christ, were coming off as well! She closed her eyes a moment, and then couldn’t help herself and had to peek. So much for wondering whether he was going to keep on his underwear as he wasn’t wearing any. He seemed completely comfortable in his nakedness, and when he bent over to neatly place his clothes on the rock she had to clench her hands to restrain from reaching out to that tight ass. Jeez, you could market that! He turned back to meet her gaze and her cheeks flamed at the knowing amusement in his eyes. Before her fuddled brain could even start to think of something to say, he leaned forward and brushed a quick, hard kiss across her lips.

“Don’t worry. You have the exact same effect on me,” he whispered to her and then stepped back. “See you in there,” he told her with a grin, before turning and jumping off the rock straight into the shining water.

sl rough 4

Convinced yet? 😉 Check it out now here:

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My Sexy Saturday 11/06/16

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Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂 I’m joining in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop today – and this excerpt is from my fairy-tale inspired romance, Scarlett Legacy. Hope you enjoy x


castle5The length of the huge room was lit with glowing candle-bulbs, set in wall scones that seemed to float near the ceiling. Mirrors lined the walls, reflecting and multiplying the dozens of dancing couples. Music from a string ensemble floated on the air, and she smelled the mingling scents of incense and mulled wine. As she stared in complete wonder, feeling like she was in a cross between a fairytale and a regency novel, Sophie nudged her yet again. Really, the woman was getting a little pushy. She’d been quite happy in her own little fairytale imaginings.

When she glanced over, the young woman was gazing at her with amused expectation and nodding toward the bottom of the curved staircase. Natalia’s breath caught in an entirely different way, heat flooding through her. Damian stood at the bottom of the stairs. The only adjective that came to mind was ‘dashing’. He wore a formal tux, the material tailored perfectly to his toned body, the crisp white shirt setting off his tanned skin and the dark unruly hair that just brushed the collar. A glittering pin held his deep red cravat in place. It glowed in the light and looked extremely expensive. The look of utter appreciation that filled his amber eyes as he stared at her made her legs shaky and heat run down her spine.

Her feet didn’t seem to want to move and she needed yet another nudge to start down the long staircase. It seemed to last forever, but then he was taking her hand in his warm one, and somehow the fact that it was still as rough and calloused as it had been in the woods centered her. He smiled at her.

“You look stunning, Natalia. You put every woman here to shame with the light of your beauty.”

She found herself smiling back. From most people, such a compliment would seem contrived or completely over the top, but the complete sincerity in his voice told her he meant every word.

“Thank you,” she murmured. “You clean up pretty good yourself.”

couple“May I?” He gestured toward the dancing couples and she nodded, though not without some trepidation. She hadn’t been lying when she said she wasn’t much of a dancer.

She shouldn’t have worried, since her partner had obviously done this before. He skillfully twirled her around the floor, his arm securely around her waist in case she mis-stepped. Natalia felt as though she was flying, as her feet carried her gracefully around the floor. Her skirts swirled around her, making her feel ridiculously feminine. She could feel the heat of his body, his hand secure in hers, and the sense of rightness only grew. When the song stopped, her cheeks were flushed, but she could have stayed in that moment forever.


sl rough 4Blurb

What if the fairy tales were not only real, but had it all wrong? Come meet a Big Bad Wolf like you’ve never seen before.

When Natalia rents a holiday cottage she is looking for peace and quiet, a place to reassess her life and recover from her failed relationship. Instead she finds a man who turns her world upside down.

However, people and things are not as they seem, and Natalia begins to find that legends are real and fairy tales have a basis in reality. As she grows closer to the enigmatic Damian she finds herself tested as danger and passion go in hand in hand, and everything she thought she knew about the world will be questioned.

After years of waiting Damian had given up hope that he would ever find his destined mate, and he certainly never expected her to be a sassy American who has no idea that his world even exists. Can he convince Natalia to believe in the impossible, and more importantly, can he protect her from those who seek to destroy his people.

You can find Scarlett Legacy on Amazon here:

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A to Z Challenge – T is for Trials

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Well, another Monday rolls around and we’re into the last week of the A to Z Challenge – I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, so hope you’re enjoying the posts. I’m still a day behind I’m afraid, so today is going to be T. You’ve probably heard of the witch trials in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, but much less well-known was that there were also werewolf trials going on.

wolves-and-werewolves-fire-and-ice-the-wolf-pack-23828159-240-320Sometimes these trials would be combined, as lycanthropy was considered linked with witchcraft, black magic and pacts with the Devil. In France alone between 1520 and 1630 some 30,000 people were labelled as werewolves. Suspected werewolves were generally a mix of those with mental health disorders, local ‘weirdos’ who, like the witch trials were accused because of simply being seen as different, and genuine murderers and serial killers, whose horrible deeds were attributed to an ‘inner beast’.

The Estonia werewolf trials in particular accused 18 women and 13 men of causing damage to property and livestock while in the shape of werewolves. Under torture they confessed to hiding their ‘wolf skins’ under a rock and being able to change without being noticed. Most people accused of lycanthropy were tortured horribly to get a confession and if found guilty sentenced to death.

werewolf-of-bedburgThere are many famous cases. One of ‘Hans the Werewolf’ was a typical story, where the accused confessed to meeting a ‘man in black’ who gave him the ability to transform into a wolf. Often the cases related horrible crimes, children and women torn apart and eaten by people in wolf form. One of the most well-known was that of Peter Stumpp, also known as the ‘Werewolf of Bedburg’. After being stretched on a rack, Peter confessed to having practiced black magic since he was twelve years old. He claimed that the Devil gave him a magical belt which allowed him to transform in the shape of a wolf. He was described as an ‘insatiable bloodsucker’ who ate the flesh of livestock as well as men, women and children. Under threat of torture he confessed to killing and eating pregnant women and children, including his own son. His execution was one of the most horrible on record, with him being put to a wheel, where “flesh was torn from his body”, in ten places, with red-hot pincers, followed by his arms and legs. Then his limbs were broken with the blunt side of an axehead to prevent him from returning from the grave, before he was beheaded and burned on a pyre. As a warning against similar behavior, local authorities erected a pole with the torture wheel and the figure of a wolf on it, and at the very top they placed Peter Stumpp’s severed head.

main-qimg-d45872ff11e7e3d9d668dcf4a4ea3566Although the majority of those tried were sentenced to death, a few managed to argue against it. A notable case in Latvia in 1692, did not end in a death sentence: the eighty-year-old Thiess confessed to being a werewolf who, with other werewolves, regularly went to hell three times a year to fight the witches and wizards of Satan to ensure a good harvest. The court tried to make Thiess confess that he had made a pact with the devil and that the werewolf was in the service of Satan, but they did not succeed, and he managed to get away with a whipping. There were several other cases where the defendants managed to put forth the case that as werewolves they protected the local village or community.

However, the majority of those accused, similar to the witch trials, were subjected to horrible torture until they confessed and then handed death sentences. Whether these accused were actually killers, or just misunderstood or mentally ill victims, the brutal history of the werewolf trials is one that remains.


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Guest Author McKayla Schutt with Shifting Tactics (Part One)

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Finally weekend, yay! And it’s off to a good start as I have the fab McKayla Schutt visiting 🙂 McKayla is a very talented paranormal romance author, and a fellow wolf shifter fan – which seems appropriate during our A to Z wolfie month! She’s here to chat about her latest release, Shifting Tactics.

So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

I am a stay at home mom with a little boy and little girl, two dogs and a husband of four years. I like to write Paranormal Romance books about the werewolves that take over my dreams.

Sounds like you have interesting dreams 😉 Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

Not that I can pin-point.

Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

To me this question is a good joke…*giggle* I have two kids under the age of four right now, if I had a routine it would be to sit down and write. It’s always easier to get stuff done when they are asleep but alas some days they wear me out.

Hehe, sounds like a chaotic household, am amazed you squeeze any writing in! Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

I like to do the Paranormal Romance, I started getting into reading about Vampires for a while but then it shifted to Werewolves. That interest translated into my writing.

Yup, must admit to a fondness for wolves myself 🙂 Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

I like to read Decadent Kane and Ariel Marie they both are able to bring sexiness into their romance.

Ooh, I do love Decadent’s elf books! What five things could you never do without?

That would be my pepsi, my phone, my kids, my lovely husband and last my kindle. I love to read.

Tell us a bit about your new release.

Today is actually release day for Shifting Tactics Part One. It is about a woman who falls in love with two, yes I said two, alphas. One of the twists, these alphas are totally brothers. Oscar and Rift are just sexiness in their own rights. Add some rogues and we have a sexy romance with some problems.

Hehe, trouble the sexy alpha trouble – sign me up! Where did your inspiration for it come from?

I was reading a book about two alphas and then I had a few dreams about Oscar and Rift fighting over the same woman.

What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

I loved exploring the relationship between all three characters and making sure Oscar didn’t take over. He is just like that.

What was the hardest part about writing it?

I would say the hardest part was making sure it was long enough at first.

Who’s your favorite character in it? (I know, I know, favoritism!)

I would have to say Scarlet would be my favorite since I can’t choose between the sexy alphas. 😉

Lol, well we can’t blame you there 🙂 Just in case anyone’s not convinced yet, why should we run out and buy it right now?

If you like sexy romance books then you will like Shifting Tactics Part One. It will keep you reading till you want more.


What happens when two Alphas imprint with one female?

Scarlet had no intention of losing herself to another man, one ex-husband was enough. But when a rogue wolf lays his sights on her, two Alphas come to her rescue. Seems fate had plans for Scarlet and gave her two mates instead of one. Her job as a female pack leader is simple, all she has to do is give up her independence, mate, and make babies. How will she deal with two wolves and her responsibilities, when her independence is the one thing she had managed to gain for herself?

Rift and Oscar run one of the local wolf packs. Together they have found a way to stay in charge and keep the peace. But with rogue wolves on the loose and new werewolf laws coming in from Congress, their peaceful pack might come undone. Find out more in Shifting Tactics-Part One.

And you can get your hands on a copy here:

Amazon –


Take care x


A to Z Challenge – H for Harry Potter

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2rwkldzAnyone else a Harry Potter fan?  I will admit to being a teeny bit obsessed and getting the chance to visit Harry Potter Studios earlier this year was a dream come through for me. Anyone who has read the books or seen the films will be aware that there are werewolves in the Harry Potter world, but have you ever looked a bit closer at Rowling’s thought-process for them?

One of the nastier werewolf characters is Fenrir Greyback, and since I’m a big mythology fan the name is pretty familiar. In Norse myth, Fenrir is the great wolf who was feared would one day destroy the world, so it seems like no coincidence Rowling would name the character after him.

We also have the much more relatable character of Remus Lupin. The name Remus coming from the twins Romulus and Remus, who are considered in legend as the founders of Rome who suckled on a wolf, and Lupin, coming from the latin lupus, which means wolf. (The poor man never had a chance, huh?) J.K. Rowling tends to a theme for giving characters names that are significant, and are often taken from mythology.

remusLupin’s condition of lycanthropy, which comes from the combined Greek terms for ‘wolf’ and ‘man’, was described by Rowing as a metaphor for all those illnesses that carry a stigma, like HIV and AIDs. “All kinds of superstitions seem to surround blood-borne conditions, probably due to taboos surrounding blood itself. The wizarding community is as prone to hysteria and prejudice as the Muggle one, and the character of Lupin gave me a chance to examine those attitudes.” We see not only how Lupin can be shunned by the community, but also his own self-loathing about his condition, to the extent that he doesn’t believe he deserves to have love and a family.

hp werewolfI think we can all relate to that feeling of insecurity and worthlessness sometimes – I’m guessing not due to lycanthropy, but we all have things we dislike about ourselves and that we wonder if anyone will ever be able to love us for. My characters are no different, and I hope it’s one of the things that makes them relatable to.


Scarlett Legacy is on sale at now.


Take care x


A to Z Challenge – G for Greek Mythology

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a598450eec3fcbaa411229e5d6176f34Well, it’s weekend – woot 🙂 I’m heading back to England to visit family today, so looking forward to being able to have a catch up. Before that though, it’s the letter G here today (anyone feeling a little bit like they’re on Sesame Street lol?). I’m a bit fan of mythology and it often inspires my writing. Wolves feature in lots of different mythologies around the world, and today we’re going to look at the Ancient Greeks.

The most famous Greek wolfie myth is that of King Lycaon  of Arcadia. There are varying accounts of Lycaon as a king, with some calling him vicious and cruel while others claim he was a cultural leader, founding a great city of Lycosuras and starting the tradition of the Lycaean Games. Whichever may be true, the story goes that Zeus, the king of the Gods, came to visit King Lycaon and at the start of the visit made many demonstrations of his divine nature.

main-qimg-d45872ff11e7e3d9d668dcf4a4ea3566Lycaon was unconvinced by this and sought to ‘test’ his omniscience by sacrificing a child and mixing the flesh in with the meat that was being served to Zeus at the feast. Some versions claim that it was the king’s own son Nyctimus, while others say it was a young captive being held in the palace dungeons. Either way, Zeus was not fooled and was furious at what had been done. Furious he rained lightning bolts down from the sky, killing most of the king’s sons instantly. King Lycaon himself, and any of his sons who survived, were turned into wolves as punishment for what they had done. Nyctimus was brought back to life, and as the sole remaining heir, succeeded his father as King of Arcadia.

It is thought that this myth is the origin of the term ‘lycanthrope’, meaning werewolf (coming from the Greek words lykos meaning wolf and anthropos meaning man).

imagesIn other Greek myths wolves would often appear. Charon, the ferryman to the underworld, wore wolf ears. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the goddess Ishtar had the power to turn enemies into wolves. While, Hecate, the goddess of Death, was shown as wearing three wolf heads. The Athenians in particular had great respect for the wolf and it was law that any man who killed one had to pay for the animal’s funeral.


Take care x