Tuesday Catch Up

Hi all,

Another week is upon us – please no one tell me how many until Christmas lol. I think we can 111411_nanowrimo-702x1024-670x977agree though this year is speeding by! How are my fellow Nano-ers getting on? I will admit I’m lagging behind a bit as we hit the halfway mark. Still, I’m trying not to get too worked up over it – I have more words than I did at the start of the month so that’s a win already, right?

I know some people get themselves rather stressed over Nano and sometimes I wonder how productive that is. I do like the little push it gives and the motivation, but at the same time, November is a rather cold, dark and miserable month at the best of times (well, it certainly is here at the moment!) so I think it’s important to try and make sure we have a bit of relaxation and TLC as well 😉 Of course, I should practice what I preach a lot more lol!

fantastic-beasts-where-find-them-movie-2016-redmayneSpeaking of relaxation… does anyone have any fun plans for the week? I’m very excited that Fantastic Beasts is out on Friday – and am trying very hard to restrain from the midnight showing when I know I have work the next day. Wish me luck!

Take care x