Voices in your head

I’m always interested in other people’s creative processes. I am always slightly in awe of those writers who can sit down and plan out a whole novel and know where it’s going to go. I’m much more in the  ‘sit down, start scribbling and hope for the best’ camp! Sometimes I might have a vague idea where I think the story should go – though even then it can veer off on a tangent as the characters decide ‘nope, that’s not the way it happens.’

On a side note – I love the fact there’s probably no other job where you can talk about the voices in your head and people not think you’re completely crazy! Well, perhaps they do still think I’m crazy but I now have an excuse for it 🙂 When I’m working on something I’ll hear character voices, ideas, thoughts constantly, they’ll pop up at annoying times, they’ll keep me awake at night, they’ll irritate me beyond belief by deciding to hide/go on holiday on the day I’ve set aside for writing! By the end of a story I’m often in a love/hate relationship with them.

I’ve finished a short story (10k) this week for an anthology, and I think perhaps this process has been emphasised because I’ve had to get it started and finished so quickly, but I finished it Monday night and now my head is feeling rather quiet. There are other WIPs and they are buzzing in the background, but there’s a bit of a gap and I’m slightly missing them. (Hmm, think I may have been a bit too hasty on the ‘not crazy’ label!). Am sure it won’t last long and the next lot will jump to the front and start shouting soon enough 🙂

Anyone else have any similar, not at all crazy, writing quirks? x

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  1. Whenever my muse goes a little bit quiet, I read a load of books and am always raring to go again afterwards 😀

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