Bit of a Catch Up!

I have been sadly neglecting this blog I’m afraid (I did warn you!) so slapped wrist for me and a bit of a long post to catch up on all my recent news πŸ™‚

After probably boring you all to tears with my nail-biting on the anthology submission, I got an email last week – and it was a yes!! So will be included in a ‘service’ anthology (romances around a military theme) that should be released around March next year. Very exciting – and makes me feel a lot better that the first one wasn’t a complete fluke lol!

I submitted a Fast Track submission to one of the bigger publishers last week. Tbh I’m not going to hold my breath on it as I’m not sure if I’m quite ‘ready’ for that level yet – but since they can normally take 6-8 months to come back to you and this was a guaranteed editor response within a month then I thought it was worth a go. So, have sent in the first chapter and a slightly shaky synposis. I’m not the best synopsis writer in the first place but was made a wee bit harder by the fact that I’m only about 10k words into the story at the moment (they did say it didn’t need to be completed yet) and since I’m a complete pantser it’s a little hard to write a synopsis when you’re not sure yourself how the story is going to end. It’s a romantic suspense, so slightly outside my normal comfort zone, but I’m enjoying it so far and hopefully will get it finished in the next month – which brings me on to my next point!

Nano! Or National Novel Writing Month to be a little more formal. The aim is to start on the 1st of November, finish on the 30th and inbetween that write 50k words. There’s lots of online support, forums, local groups etc with thousands of people all around the world joining in. I’ve been looking at it the last two years but I’ve always made excuses or had too much on. Tbh I probably have too much on this year as well but you can always find excuses for anything so I’m just going to bite the bullet and do it! I’ll be working on the suspense story, and if I get another 50k words on it then that’s it basically finished. At the moment I’m quite excited – I think it will be good for me to try and get into a writing routine, plus there seems to be lots going on in my area – am going to a ‘launch event’ and write in on Saturday with a friend so that should be fun. Of course by the end of the month I will no doubt be frazzled, stressed, on way too much caffeine and my poor other half may be running for cover (sorry hun!)- but I’m assured it’s all part of the experience πŸ™‚

It officially starts tomorrow so wish me luck – and good luck to anyone else (obviously equally as mad) taking part!

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  1. Yeah I’ve been neglecting my blog too. I’ve been spending the last few days going through what I’ve got for my novel and I’ve bought wine and chocolate for rewards. I’m nervous, but exited about the start of the writing challenge. I’m also determined to live up to it and write as much as I can. Truthfully, synopsis writing is hard even if you’ve already written the whole book; I’m sure publishers understand this. Good luck with the writing tomorrow and Friday and I’ll see you at the launch on Saturday.

  2. Ooh, see I didn’t even think about writing rewards but now you’ve said I definately need to get some in πŸ™‚

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