November writing

Hi all,

So, November has been a bit manic so far – nothing new there, of course! National Novel Writing Month is actually going quite well, after a few shaky days last week am back up to word count and hoping to hit 20k today 🙂 While I might be getting a little frazzled trying to fit it around everything else then I am loving the community feel of it. The forums and facebook groups are so supportive and am really enjoying the ‘write in’ sessions – it’s nice to get a chance to meet up with other equally crazy people who are going through the same thing 🙂

In other news, got the release date through for my Christmas story, An Angel for the Tree – it’s going to be the 14th December. Not long off now and it’s starting to feel very real! I’m still excited but must admit the nerves are also creeping in – what if no one buys it, eep!! I’m starting to look into what promotion I can do for it – so if anyone has any ideas then please feel free to say as I’ve never done anything like this before and to be honest it is a little daunting.

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