The Joys of Technology

Have a bad feeling I may be getting a bug – been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days and yesterday just got home from work and went to bed. Unfortunately that meant I woke up about 1am and couldn’t get back to sleep again so that’s probably not helping today! I did wake up though to a rather nice email inbox – my official contract for my submission in the Breathless Press Serviced Anthology and the final line edits for An Angel for the Tree. There doesn’t seem to be much so hopefully can get them done and sent back tonight.

Have been thinking about promotion for it – as I probably mentioned earlier – so it’s given me the kick I needed to sign up to all the places I’ve been putting off! So, I’m now on Twitter, Goodreads, in the process of doing Google+ and, as the observant followers may have noticed, there are now shiny buttons down the side of this page to connect them all together (well hopefully!) as well as a new page with details of my books and links to follow when they go live. Will update some more on the current WIPs later. I’m feeling rather proud of myself 🙂 As some of you probably know, I have a love/hate relationship with technology – well, actually it’s more like I love it but it hates me! So, be prepared for a week of moaning while I try to figure everything out – complete with questions on how to do the most basic of tasks imaginable (bear in mind that I’ve probably been struggling for hours at this point so if you do want to point out the 10 second, ridiculously easy way to do it then I promise I will come back and thank you when I’ve stopped swearing at the machine).

Anyway, the plan for when I finish work is to dose up on juice, vitamins and any medicines I may have lying round (what could go wrong there?), get the edits finished and hopefully get back on track with my Nano. I don’t have time to be ill 😛

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