November Thoughts

So, it’s been a busy month! I finished Nano on the 29th (cheers!) which I was very happy with. It’s been an interesting experience to say the least. On the positive side – well of course there’s finishing! also meeting some lovely and very supportive people, I think realising that I probably do make too many excuses when it comes to writing – it’s easy to be too busy, or not be in the mood, not feel inspired etc. but when you’re forced to squeeze some time or to feel like you have to sit down and now it now, then it’s surprising how much you can get done.

Saying that I have felt stressed and frazzled at parts and I don’t think it’s something that could be kept up that extent long term (unless I can leave the EDJ for it!), I’m also not sure if it would actually be more productive to write this way long-term. I can already see glaringly things that need editing that I would normally have taken more time over as I was actually writing them. Still that’s all to come 🙂

Anyway, we’re now into December – which is already shaping up to be just as busy! I’m working on edits for my Serviced anthology submission, which should be out with Breathless Press in March next year, as well as getting rather excited that An Angel for the Tree is now out a week on Friday (squee!). I’m going to be doing a few visits to other blogs around that time – so will keep you updated on my travels 🙂 It’s feeling a little surreal that after writing it back in July with carols on to try and make me feel xmassy – now it’s actually coming out and it’s almost Christmas! Am starting to get a bit in the spirit now – seems to be hundreds of xmas movies on tv and we even had a bit of snow on Sunday night 🙂

So, is anyone else feeling Christmassy yet? What do you have planned, any fun Christmas traditions? Do share x

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  1. I was writing like mad to get my Christmas story polished and published, then like you had the Serviced Anthology edits to sort… and now I’m ready for Christmas! Well, no not quite.. I’ve not bought any pressies or anything, the best bit for me is when it’s Christmas morning and too late to do any more worrying – all you can do is enjoy it! Have a good one 🙂

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