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Hi all,

Today I have Raven McAllan dropping in to say hi and share some of her favourite spots for writing – and making me rather jealous in the process!

Hi Shelli

Having just returned from a great week in France, I thought I’d share my top ten spots for scribing… (in no particular order)

It goes without saying, if the sun is over the yardarm, wine is involved.

1, A bit of a cop out this, but anywhere warm, preferably with a sea view.

2, At sunrise, watching it come over the sea or a mountain, feeling the day heat up, listening to the birds, coffee in hand.

3, Garden/patio at sunset, wine in hand, chill out music playing DH reading and me tapping away…magic

4, Okay now we’ll get more specific… In my study, which overlooks the garden, the track into the forest, and mountains and fields. Preferable not fighting the cats for my chair, though I do love it when they come in and sleep on the settee. It’s even better if it’s the one day a year it’s warm enough to have the patio doors open so I don’t have to keep getting up and down to et the cats in. I think it’s their way of making me take exercise.

5, On a long haul flight, (preferably not in economy,) with a glass of fizz, the lights low, and me cocooned in my own little world. No one to ask me to iron a shirt, or where’s the light bulbs/last weeks newspaper or their brown shoes.

6, On a deck, over the Indian Ocean (nuff said)

7, If it’s winter, snug in front of a log fire, feet up, and wine

8, Casa Colonial Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic (pool side)

9, Patio, in front of suite, next to fabulous lily covered pool at Rothman Manor, Swellendam, South Africa, probably one of my favorite places to write (or visit) in the world.

10, Wherever I happen to be with my mac.

In short, I’m lucky, I can write anywhere, at any time and block out what’s going on around me.

If you want to see the results, you can check them out here

Wow, some of those sound just gorgeous! Well, I hope you’re all feeling inspired – and thanks so much to Raven for sharing.

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  1. Lots of travelling in your life, Raven. Just as well you can access the muse on the go. I once tried the JKRowling thing and wrote a scene for a play in a cafe. It was surprisingly easy to detach from the chaos and just do it. Anne

  2. Thanks Anne, I agree, I just block everything out. It can be annoying for someone who is trying to get a response from you and after eventually they give in and poke you you just go er uh?

  3. I’m a published author now thanks to a variation on 9 and 10 where I asked the lady with the Mac and the wine what she was doing…
    Thanks, Raven!
    ps – re JK Rowling: I’ve got into a routine now of morning coffee in a cafe on the way to the office for a quick read through of the previous day’s writing and getting down as much as I can over a latte.

  4. Nice. Am I jealous of your jet-setting? Nah! LOL

  5. Thanks Shelli and Raven, for your blog post today! Yes, indeedy, this occasion for a blog hop is wonderful and a military type story is “just the ticket” regarding our celebration for independence and the folks in the Revolutionary War who won it for us…and the military personnel who continue to fight for our country’s freedom. And I agree about the “sparks” that occur in a story–an attraction between the hero and heroine–that drives the story through to its conclusion (and hopefully the HEA ending). Thanks so much for the post today and I’m glad I got to “meet” you on this hop.

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