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Today, I have the fab Kirsten S. Blacketer visiting to talk about her new release, ‘An Irresistible Shadow‘. I’m a complete sucker for a good medieval setting and the scrummy hero to go with it so am looking forward to this! 🙂

Hi there! Thanks for hosting me on your blog Shelli. My book boasts an interesting collection of characters. One of my favorite thing about writing is coming up with unique and believable characters. My writer’s group has often discussed our different processes when it comes to fleshing them out.
For years, Gabriel was always a blur to me. He was merely a knight sworn to protect a woman who despised men like him. That was all I knew, until I saw the video game Assassin’s Creed. Then it clicked and I knew why I couldn’t see Gabriel’s face. He hid it. And the Shadow Guardian was born. The facets of his personality however were highly influenced by other fictional characters, Madmartigan from Willow and Flynn Ryder from Tangled. I drew elements that reflected the type of man who could fill the role of a Shadow Guardian.
Lady Evelyn was much easier to understand. She haunted me for years. I had the idea of a man-hating princess when I was fifteen years old. She evolved into this self-reliant lady who took her destiny into her own hands to save her father’s barony. She is loyal and strong, packing a boatload of sass and wit. When they encounter each other, sparks fly. It was amazing to see their relationship blossom as I wrote.
I love writing strong heroines and witty, charming heroes. I draw influence for my characters from everywhere. So don’t worry if you see me snapping your picture….it just means that you are inspiring. Thanks for stopping by and check out my debut novel, An Irresistible Shadow.

Trust is more valuable than gold in a world where traitors conspire, and Lady Evelyn realizes that even shadows demand payment.


Lady Evelyn Montgomery, only daughter of the Baron of Rayne, detests the thought of marriage. She will never allow a man to control her.  Crushed by the constraints of propriety, she steals away from the safety of the keep and stumbles onto a plot designed to stir up trouble between England and Scotland. When a mysterious hooded man saves her, she fights her attraction to him as they join forces to hunt down a traitor and save her father. But can she save her heart?
Gabriel is a Shadow Guardian. Hiding beneath his black cowl and blending into the night, he is sworn to protect the Baron’s daughter. The spirited Lady Evelyn is far from the delicate flower he anticipated. She makes herself crystal clear, no man will possess her. Can he prove to her that love can be more than just possession? Or will the traitor they seek tear them apart forever?

Thanks so much for dropping by Kirsten!

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