New Release – Panthers & Precincts by D.F. Krieger

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Today, I have the fabulous and extremely talented D.F. Krieger joining me to talk about her new release Panthers and Precincts. It’s the first book in her brand new Faxfire Series, so she’s sharing with us her ten favourite things about writing it. Enjoy!

10 Reasons I Love Writing the Faxfire Series

1.      It’s really fun to write a snarky character like Zeara. It comes easy as I suppose I’ve modeled a good deal of her after my own personality.

2.      This series allows me to explore my own versions of various creatures, and apply my own method of science as to how and why they exist. That’s some fun crap when you’re an author.

3.      Magic is just freaking awesome. Magic is truly the mascot of this series, and since I know things about him you don’t know, I’ll just say he’ll continue to be a major character.

4.      Karma really is a bitch, but gods do I love her. I swear I channel all the ancient ideas of justice and walk the line of good and evil when she appears on the pages.

5.      I love seeing fans talk about the characters as if they are real people. When a character crosses the line between being fictional to being “someone,” that just becomes epic.

6.      Animal empathy simply does not get props as a psychic power like it should. I aim to change that with the Faxfire Series. It helps to write about a topic with experience under my belt.

7.      Being able to type words like Okapi and Bongo in context makes me smile. I dare you to Google them. They really exist and they are awesome!

8.      Having at least 5 books, if not more, already mapped and planned out makes life easier. The way these characters keep talking, there’s a good chance we’ll see a wide variety of creatures and scenarios from them.

9.      This series is my first ever that will be available in print. Print. Any author’s dream. Yeah, it just got real…or it will, in May.

10.  The next book will always be more awesome than the last!


Meet Zeara—zoologist, crime solver, and crazy cat lady. Throw a literate panther and a sexy detective into the mix and watch the trouble ensue.

People didn’t just happen to “drop by for a visit” at midnight. Whoever was on the other side of that door either had a good reason, one that she probably didn’t want to hear, or would wish they had once she finished tearing them apart.

Dr. Zeara Faxfire and her side-kick cat, Magic, are on the case when a panther is discovered during a police investigation of a missing boy. The fact the panther can write is only slightly scarier than Zeara’s attraction to Detective Markovich. Add a little magic, some mayhem, and scientific proof of the paranormal, and she ends up knee-deep in trouble. Can she find the missing boy, solve the riddle of the panther, and face her own past before time runs out? Or will the only way to give everyone a happy ending come at the expense of the job she loves?

If you’re now as excited as me to get your grubby mitts on it then you can buy here 🙂

Breathless Press



And when you get hooked and are desperate for book 2 – you can follow D.F. Krieger at her:



or the specific Faxfire Series Facebook Page here.

It’s definitely been added to my TBR list 🙂 Take care all x

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