Valentine’s Free Read – Part 4

Hi all,

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I’m very excited about the My Bloody Valentine anthology being released tomorrow, which I have two short reads in. I’ve also been busy with writes on Psychic Shadows and edits on a shifter novella that will hopefully be subbed somewhere soon. It’s all go!

Don’t worry though, I didn’t forget that I promised you the final part of my serial free read before Valentine’s Day 🙂 It does get a wee bit steamy, so consider this your warning! If you’re still here (lol) then read on…

Jess frowned, so he always felt like this, did he? It was just being in contact with any female after years of being locked away that had sent his libido into over-drive — even over someone like her. Before she could even finish that thought he had dragged her against him. A muffled squeak left her lips as she was brought up against the hard muscled wall of his chest but when she lifted her gaze to his the black eyes were furious.

“I have been trapped for three thousand years, and summoned over four hundred times in that period, and I have never felt this before.” He spat at her.

Before she could even process the wonder of that statement, his lips had covered hers with a burning intensity. He devoured her like a starving man, and she was helpless not to respond. Her arms snaked up around his neck, burrowing into his hair while she crushed her body against him, her nipples hardening against his chest and moisture already pooling between her legs. His large hands slid down to her ass, cupping her and pressing her against the growing evidence of his arousal and a whimper of longing escaped her lips. He pulled back, his breathing laboured.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I told you I should go.”

“No,” she whispered, dragging his lips back against hers, her tongue slipping into his mouth and drawing a surprised groan from him.

She was shocked at herself, to be honest, she didn’t really do one-night stands, but she had never known anyone sent her blood racing like this man – or whatever the hell he was. More than that though, the pain in his voice when he talked made her heart ache for him. If he had only one night then they could make it one to remember.

“Are you sure?” His voice was incredulous, the wary hope on his face making her ache even more.

“Stay with me,” she murmured, and he dipped his head again.

His lips feathered against her cheek, down her throat, over her collar bone, before he drew back to pull her t-shirt over her head. His hands lightly ran over the satin cups of her bra, before he reached around her to unclasp it. Jess dropped her arms and it slipped to the floor. His hand shook slightly as he gently cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over the aching nipples with a look of complete reverence on his face.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured.

She opened her mouth to protest. Really, she was so not – she was short and overweight and her hair always frizzed when it wasn’t supposed to… then he bent and took her nipple in her mouth and any objections disappeared in a surge of pleasure. Her head fell back as she laced her hands into his hair, the soft locks sliding through her fingers as she clutched him against her. His lips slid lower, brushing over her stomach like butterfly wings and then his fingers hooked in the waistband of her pants, slipping them and her panties down her legs until she stepped out of them and stood naked before him. He glanced up at her under his brows, and his gaze turned wicked as he spread her legs apart and his tongue slipped between them.

Jess ceased thinking altogether, God damn the man was good! He literally devoured her, licking and sucking and lightly nipping until she was clutching at his shoulders just to hold herself up as she screamed out her release. She was barely floating back to earth when he was easing her down onto the thick rug. He had stripped off the tight pants, and damn he was just as gorgeous underneath them. Her hand slipped between them to caress and stroke his thick length and he groaned, his teeth setting.

“Later, honey,” he promised her, removing her hand and settling himself between her legs.

He covered her mouth with his against and she moaned against his lips as she felt him gently sliding between her legs. He treated her like she was china, carefully easing in and letting her get used to his fullness. That was not what she needed right now! Her arms wrapped around his, her legs lifted to hook around his hips and she rocked urgently against him. He groaned into her mouth.

“I’m trying to be gentle.” He told her crossly, “Isn’t that what human women want?”

Jess lightly bit on his ear. “Not this one. I won’t break, but I might die if you don’t fuck me, properly, right now.”

He gazed down at her a long moment, and she wasn’t sure if she had said the wrong thing, then the most amazing smile spread across his entire face. It transformed him, lit up the black eyes. He pulled out and she was about to protest, when he suddenly slammed his full length into her. Jess cried out as pleasure shot through her, and he began pounding into her, over and over, their flesh slapping together, their bodies sliding against one another. She could feel him getting more urgent as her own cries grew louder and her pleasure spiralled higher and higher. He gave one last desperate thrust and she exploded; her body shattering into a million pieces as she soared up to stars. She could feel him spilling inside her, his guttural groans mingling with her own. Then he was collapsing against her, his heavy weight deliciously crushing her as the tension slowly drained out of his body.

“Oh my God,” she managed to get out as she slowly managed to breath again. Nothing had ever come close to that for her before. It put the sexual relationship she’d shared with her ex into a pathetic pale shadow, and in a blaze of realisation she suddenly saw what she was doing. She was so hung up on him, on what he’d done to her, that she was missing out on the rest of her life. He was a dick, so why the hell was she letting him win by dwelling on him and not moving on to better things? To better people.

Her hand stroked through the dark hair of the man led on top of her. He had shown more care for her needs and her pleasure in the last hour then her ex had in their whole relationship. Her wish suddenly came back to her in startling clarity. Oh God, what had she done? Jess sat up suddenly and he came with her, his eyes concerned.

“What wrong, honey?” Pain suddenly crossed his face. “Do you regret just doing that?”

The look she shot him was incredulous. “Good God, no!” His body relaxed a little.

“What’s wrong then?”

“My wish, is it too late to change it?”

He smiled slowly. “I may have not quite completed it yet.”

She grinned at him, suddenly feeling giddy. “You may not?”

That adorable flush was on his cheeks again. “I hoped you might reconsider before the dawn came.” His voice was serious. “I didn’t want you to be stuck in revenge, you deserve so much more than that, Jessica. I want you to be happy, to find your true love.”

Her elation slowly faded, she actually couldn’t imagine feeling what she’d just felt with him with anyone else.

“Is there no way for you…” her voice trailed off and he shook his head sadly.

“I’m cursed, and that is my life. But you, you can have more than that. Just wish for it.”

She sighed sadly. “What do I do?”

He took her hand. “Just close your eyes. Wish to be happy, to find your true love and live the rest of your life with him.”

Jess closed her eyes, the images wavered through her unshed tears as she pictured her future. An odd humming filled the air and she see a glow building behind her eyes. She slowly opened them to see that the glow was coming from the bottle on the table. As she watched it rose into the air, spinning as coloured lights flashed and glowed from it. Drakal was staring at it, his mouth open and fear in his eyes. Then before their astonished gaze it shattered.

Drakal cried out in fear and shock. A shimmering dust spread out to float on air for a moment before slowly disappearing. He stared at a long moment, gently patting his body as though he was expecting it to disappear. He turned to Jess in shock.

“What did you do?”

She smiled at him. “I wished to be happy with my true love, and both me and the bottle knew that was you.”

She saw disbelief being replaced by a dawning joy and then his lips came crashing down on hers. She wrapped her arms around him, drawing him down closer, surrendering completely to his touch, and her future.

See, I couldn’t leave you the day before Valentine’s Day without a happy ending 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed it, and as always comments more than welcome.

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