My Bloody Valentine – Release Day!

Hi all,

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s release day for me, so am very excited.
My Bloody Valentine is out with Breathless Press – I have two shorts in it:
Tempting Sin
Isaura is an angel, she should be above feelings of restlessness and desire. Yet one scorching kiss from a demon, and she’s tempted beyond belief. All she can think about is that she desperately wants more. But for that Isuara would need to fall from heaven, risking her body and her heart on the chance that she can tempt sin as well.

Siren’s Call
Ciaran is well aware that he’s not exactly God’s gift to women, so when a midnight stroll on the beach leads to the most beautiful woman he’d ever met jumping his bones then he fairly logically assumes he must be dreaming.
The fact that she disappears into thin air the next morning only adds to that, but Ciaran finds he just can’t let it go. He will do anything to see his mystery woman again. Anything.

I’ve also been reading the other stories in it over the past few days – and let me tell you I’m in some very talented company here. I’ve laughed, cried, been surprised, hidden under the covers and needed a cold shower! I will try and post a review up this weekend but in the meantime, let me just say it’s definitely what the Valentine’s Day fairy ordered 🙂

You can buy it at the following places:


Amazon UK

Breathless Press

I really hope you enjoy it! I’m also going to give away a free copy this week, to be in with a chance to win then just leave me a comment and tell me what your plans are for Valentine’s Day. Do you go all out, or do you not bother? I must admit I tend to shy away from the whole commercial side of it so me and my other half don’t bother with the cards and flowers – but just having a chilled out night together and a few drinks is fine with me 🙂 Whatever you’ve got planned – have fun! x

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