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Apologies for the lack of posts lately, has not been the best week. But am back with the weekly review – and this time am talking about ‘Tempting Clover’ – Book 2 in the Trouble with Elves series by the rather fabulous Decadent Kane. I do love a good elf story (who doesn’t?) so read on to see what I thought on this one. And how pretty is the cover?



Breaking a goblin’s curse is more difficult than Clover thought. Especially when love and nightshade are crucial ingredients.

Review: 5 Stars

Clover is an elf with a problem; she has been cursed by a very nasty goblin and for the last two years she’s been denied any kind of orgasm as whenever she gets *ahem* hot and bothered, the goblin zaps her back to him to use her arousal for his magic potions. When she meets Reed the sparks fly between them, but can he help her to break the curse?

I really enjoy the storyline on this, it was a very original idea – I’ve certainly never heard of a curse like this before! The magic elements were well planned and the world building was solid and realistic. I especially loved some of the descriptions of the elven world, like Clover’s glen – beautiful and poetic.

Character-wise, you can’t help feeling for Clover. She’s smart, determined, strong-willed and doesn’t take any crap. 🙂 The interactions between her and Reed are fantastic, and the chemistry between them is sizzling. I would have perhaps liked a little more relationship development between them, but for a short novel it was well done. Reed was a great hero, strong and sweet, and the secondary characters were quite developed. In particular Malik was a truly nasty ‘bad guy’ that you really wanted to get his comeuppance, while Idis was interesting and quirky and left you wanting to know more about her.

Overall, extremely enjoyable read, couldn’t put it down! 🙂 Decadent Kane’s elves are currently on my ‘must buy’ list and this book doesn’t disappoint. Shall be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

If you want to read ‘Tempting Clover’ for yourself, you can buy at the following places:

Breathless Press


Amazon UK

Hope you enjoy, have a good week x

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  1. Thank you so much for the review Shelli! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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