A to Z Challenge – Day 11: K is for Kiss

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Well, it’s finally weekend – hope you have some fun plans! Today K is for Kiss – being a romance writer a couple’s first kiss is a huge focal point in their story. It’s when they take the first step into a physical relationship, when the sexual tension that you’ve (hopefully!) been building spills over.

kissEach first kiss is different, just as each couple is different and it should say a lot about both the characters and their relationship/story. Is it soft and sweet or hot and hungry, is it mutual or does one of them ‘surprise’ the other – does it lead to more straight away, or is just an isolated incident. How does it change the relationship and the dynamics between them (because how can it not?) How do the characters feel about it afterwards – are they desperate to kiss again or wishing it had never happen (or a wee bit of both lol).

I thought I would share a first kiss from one of my WIPs – please bear in mind this is unedited so apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes! Hope you enjoy – and have a good weekend x


He took a step closer, she felt the heat from his body and it seemed to spread out over her in glowing tingles of warmth. “You don’t think I feel anything?”

Shannon felt her mouth dry up. She swallowed, before her tongue unconsciously slipped out to moisten her lips. His eyes followed every movement, like a predator about to pounce. She ought to be running, the self-preservation part of her brain was shouting that out very loudly. Instead she stood frozen as his hand lifted, lightly stroking down her cheek, before tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. The movement was innocent, light, and yet the look in his eyes wasn’t and she felt like her skin was burning up where he’d touched her.

She swayed slightly, desire hanging in the air like a visible presence. His hand slipped to the nape of her neck, tilting her head upwards. Her lips parted, almost against her will and she was helpless to resist as he leaned towards her. Since the moment she’d seen him she’d imagined what his kiss would be like. The build up had almost had her convinced in her own mind that it could never live up to her expectations. Instead the moment their lips touched she realised her imagination just wasn’t good enough.

She expected him to be hard, possessive, yet his lips were feather light. The soft brush against hers reverberated through her whole body, so her nipples hardened and moisture pooled between her legs. Her arms went around his neck, her body pressing against his and her lips parting, urging his entry. His tongue slipped past them, plundering her wet warmth and she whimpered.

The sensations were at once addicting and terrifying. She felt his hands roaming down her back, cupping her ass and pressing it against his rising hardness. Her hands tangled in his hair, as she rose on tiptoe, crushing herself closer when she knew it would never be close enough, not until he was buried deep inside her where he belonged. She froze suddenly.
He didn’t belong with her, and she didn’t belong with him. Okay, this was more explosive than anything she’d ever imagined, but hadn’t she been thinking not five minutes ago how different they were. This could never be anything but a fling and a complication. He pulled back slightly, sensing her withdrawal.

“Shannon? Are you okay?”

She drew in a shaky breath. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”


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  1. Oooh lala that was good darn is there more?

  2. Gorgeous scene!

    Kissing scenes are so hard to write well, you did a great job! 😀

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