A to Z Challenge – T is for Time

Hi all,

Time – it’s like magic dust sometimes isn’t it, and it can seem as hard to keep hold of. Like probably most people, time management is often not my strong point – but when it comes down to juggling a day job, family commitments, and minor necessities like eating and sleeping around fitting in some quality writing time than a bit of management is sadly needed! I’m in awe of the many writers I know who also add kids into the mix.

486725_515254695168523_487215896_nSo, why do we do put ourselves through it? 🙂 I think when it comes right down to it then it’s a test of just how much you want it. If you have an hour or two free time, and the option is between having a well earned rest, or getting on with your writing then sometimes, much as you love the writing you may think longing of some nice chilling out time – watching a movie, catching up on your latest tv show, having a long bath with a book.

I know a lot of writers and some do seem take it more ‘seriously’ than others. I would never criticise those who may wish to do simply for the enjoyment of writing, or who might be quite happy to write maybe once a week, or once a month even – if that’s what makes them happy then it’s great, some might even say it’s a purer form to do it just for the joy of the craft. But I do believe that if you want to make a career out it, if you want to make a success in such a competitive business, then you need to put the time in – and that sometimes means doing the juggling act and making the sacrifices. It’s what the priority is for you – and you have to hope it will be worth it in the end 🙂 I’ll leave to the words of the master…







Take care now x

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