Off to Wonderland!

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I know, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with this blog lately! How has everyone been? While I’ve rather slipped on the updates I promise I have still been busy working – and have lots of news for you. 🙂


Firstly, my publisher, Breathless Press are having their 5th birthday and we’re all celebrating by heading off to Wonderland! Inspired by Lewis Carroll and Alice’s Adventures there is a series of short stories being released, both individually as ebook ‘flirts’ and as an anthology available in both paperback and special limited edition hardback under the title ‘Wonderland Tales’. (Isn’t the cover pretty?) The anthology is actually out today (woot!) and is available from the Breathless Press website.


My contribution is called, Follow the White Rabbit, and is set in Wonderland but showing an alternative story and obviously with my own twist on it. 🙂 It will be released as a standalone flirt on the 15th August – so just 2 weeks away!


Follow the White Rabbit 267x400


In Wonderland the strange and magical is everyday, but when a woman who can’t remember her own name meets a shape-shifting cat, anything can happen.

Mary-Ann doesn’t remember her life before she wandered into the Woods of Forgetfulness. She doesn’t remember who she was, where she came from, or even her real name – and she’s given up on anyone coming to look for her. Now, she works for the White Rabbit, and if she’s not deliriously happy at least her life is content.

Until, that is, she comes across a Cheshire Cat, a rare shape-shifter, who may be about to turn her life upside down.

In Wonderland, things are rarely what they seem.


It’s available for pre-order now here so feel free to pop over and have a look, and stay tuned as I’m going to be running some Wonderland related events and giveaways over the next few weeks 🙂

Take care x


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