Believing in Impossible Things

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Follow the White Rabbit 200x300Well, it’s busy here as usual and the countdown is on until Follow the White Rabbit is release this Friday! The festivals are on in Edinburgh, which, like anyone else who lives here, I both love and hate it. The atmosphere, the bustle, the huge variety of things to see and do everywhere, the creativity that just seems to be in the air. Sounds great, right? And it is, until you actually want to get anywhere or do anything  in a hurry 🙂 Still, it is only once a year and on the upside have seen some great shows already – not to mention got to see George R R Martin doing a talk last night at the International Book Festival.

He’s an author that I have a huge amount of respect for (read, may have fangirl squee-ed a bit at actually getting to meet him!) and several key points I took away from his talk were that success doesn’t come overnight – it may seem to but every author that you see appear to ‘come out of nowhere’ has actually been plugging away for years in the hopes of one day getting that ‘instant success’ everyone will talk about. The other point was that he was constantly told that what he was doing was ‘wrong’, that it was impossible or shouldn’t be done. He’s combined sci-fi and horror in his books, while his most famous ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series is a combination of fantasy and historical fiction – taking inspiration from a lot of British history in order to add grit and realism to a fantasy world. Sometimes, we need to aim for the impossible and not listen to those who tell us it can’t be done.

6 thingsThat brings me back to one of my favourite ‘Alice in Wonderland’ quotes. What if the only reason we can’t believe in the impossible is because we just haven’t tried hard enough? Maybe we just need to practice harder, until we can think of six impossible things before breakfast 🙂

Follow the White Rabbit is now up on Goodreads here, so please add if you have an account!

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