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Today, we’re doing something a little different. Some of you may know Leona Bushman as a writer or editor, but you may not know she’ll also a talented artist – I know those multi-talented people make you sick, right? 🙂 Anyway, she’s dropping by today to share her art with us, and to talk about how it gets about!

Hi everyone!! *waves ecstatically*

Thank you for having me on your blog again! I’m here today with my art. I’ve taken many art classes, but it’s been years and years, and I’ve been out of practice. This year, I renewed my commitment to my arts—painting, quilting, sewing, crocheting, writing, oil pastels, soft pastels, etc. as well as adding in a new one, designing fabric.
And what a rush it has been!! Throughout time, I try all sorts of styles. Some successful, some not so successful… LOL I have two styles now: Impressionist expressionist, and palette knife a la Georgia O’Keeffe. Love a lot of different types of art, but these seem to be the ones I can do successfully.
victoria pantheonAnyway, today, we move from Scotland to the US and the state of Georgia. This was done as a gift bought from one friend for another. It’s really some of my best work. I was given plenty of lead time. The friend who received it, loves ancient Greek and Satyrs. She writes about some that have different horns (the two different shaped horns, one the tradition “spike” and the others the rounded that I’ve used here) and it sets them apart as to which type of Satyr they are.
It ended up coming at a critical juncture that she really needed a happy thought for, so it made me and the gift giver doubly happy.
heather commission detailsAnd let’s travel north and a bit west to Indiana. Here there’s a wedding gift, and a composite animal portrait. For the cat portrait, I was given 3 separate cat pics, taken at random times, and put it together.
commission take 2 002And let’s roam on down to Phoenix where another commission is:

Where My Art Roams is the first of what I hope to be many virtual walkabouts. I’m taking you on a tour of my paintings that I have given away and sold. From Australia to Washington, to Scotland, and places in between, I will show you the paintings in their new homes.


Told you she was talented! I’ve been lucky enough to get a gorgeous personalised painting from Leona, and since I know she has a bit of soft spot for Edinburgh sites, I decided to take it on a bit of a photo walkabout of its own! (Possibly I have too much time on my hands lol). See what you think 🙂

CastleSo, it wouldn’t be Edinburgh without the castle, would it? Now, I did want a piccie right from the entrance but sadly they are still taking down the stands from the Tattoo, so this is from Princes St Gardens.




This is taken from the Royal Mile, the historic street that runs from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyrood House, the queen’s official residence. In the background you can see Waverley Station and Calton Hill.






MoundOverview of Edinburgh from the Mound 🙂 In the background you can see the Scottish National Gallery, the Scott Monument (the tall tower) and Princes Street.




Police BoxAny Doctor Who fans out there? 🙂 Yes, we do still have these but sadly not for much longer! A lot have already either been removed or converted into kiosks or wee coffee stalls and the last few are now being sold off. So, you could buy your very own Tardis but the rather mean people at the council will make you move it or paint it another colour straight away! Shall miss seeing them.







Well, come on, no tour of Scotland would be complete without a man in a kilt now, would it? *looks innocent* It’s purely showing our culture and all that – education purposes! Possibly I’m smiling too much to pull that one off. 🙂


Anyway, so ends our painting walkabout tour of Edinburgh. I hope you’ve enjoyed – and I really hope you go and check out Leona’s work. I shall hand you back over to her to give you all the details!



I have a FB art page: https://www.facebook.com/LeonaBushmanArtisteExtraordinaire

And an Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LBushmanStudios

You can follow me on twitter: @L_Bushman

My blog where I share my writing journey and post some of my artwork is here: http://www.lbushman.blogspot.com/

Do you have a favorite artist? From past and present? I love the impressionists, notably, Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh (I hated Van Gogh during art classes…learned to like him as I was exposed to more of his work ), Georgia O’Keefe, a lot of Dutch artists, particularly Jan Van Eyck, and his painting, Arnofini Wedding. Modern day includes Russ Potak and Jennifer Beaudet. Okay, anyone who comments, can PM me on FB and get 50% off any artwork they’d like! Also, will provide an ACEO (2.5 x 3.5 inches) if I get 20 comments or more on today’s blog. Open to USA, UK, and Canada
This concludes the summer art walkabout, Where My Art Roams. I hope you enjoyed your tour of the world where my art resides!

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  1. EEK My art is in Scotland! In in Edinburgh *faints dead away* *revives* A man in a kilt next to it? *faints dead away again!* Thank you!

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