Wolf Facts Week – Day 4

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Well it’s now day 4 in my Wolf Facts Week – we’re just speeding through them! I really hope you’re enjoying, and as always feel free to leave feedback 🙂

wolves in love


Wolf fact #4

wolf coupleUnlike the ‘lone wolf’ pictured in most fairytales, most wolves develop close relationships and strong social bonds. They often demonstrate deep affection for their family and may even sacrifice themselves to protect the family unit.

Once a wolf has found a mate, the male and female usually stay together for life. They are devoted parents and maintain sophisticated family ties.




It can be tricky writing stories that contain shifters, you want to try and incorporate the ‘animal’ side, but at the same time the relationships, and for me especially the romance side, still need to be relatable to in a human context. The fact that wolves mate for life, and have such strong social groups and family ties makes it easier to combine the wolf and human sides of my shifters. After all, they have the common theme of searching for a partner to spend their life with.

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