My Sexy Saturday – 24th Jan 2015

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Today I’m back on the My Sexy Saturday blog hop, and the theme this week is ‘you’re so sexy’- those characters whose sexiness just exudes off the page. Now my writing this week has been very zombie related, and I must admit not particularly sexy lol, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I revert back to my new release – where my Big Bad Wolf hero has the sexy thing down pat 🙂

red and wolf

Natalia was trying very hard not to panic. When she’d pulled herself from her wool gathering, she had no clue where she was and very little idea of which direction she’d come from. If that wasn’t bad enough, “something” was heading toward her and it sounded big. Christ, were there bears in this part of the world, or wolves, or wild boars? God, she should have stayed home. Was being cheated on really so bad compared with being eaten by a bear?

The trees in front of her suddenly parted and a figure walked through. Her first thought was, thank God, it’s a just a man. Her second was, jeez, that’s one seriously hot man!

He was tall, taller than her, which was a rarity. Kevin had always complained that she towered over him when she wore heels, but this man had a good foot on her! He obviously worked out; camouflage combat pants encased long legs and a knitted sweater clung to broad shoulders and what she could tell was a defined chest even through the layers. Jet black hair hung in surprisingly shaggy locks to his shoulders, but it suited him, framing a rugged face with chiseled features and the strangest eyes she’d ever seen—a deep amber color that seemed to hold her mesmerized.

He chuckled and Natalia abruptly realized she stood gawking at him, while he gazed back at her with a slightly amused look on his face. She quickly looked away, heat searing her cheeks. God, she must look like some kind of nutcase. She really hadn’t expected to see anyone else out in the middle of nowhere though, especially someone like this.

He took a step forward and startled, she stepped back. The look of amusement deepened and he held up a hand. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t expect to see anyone else out here.”

His voice was deep, rich, with a slight accent running through it. She could feel it rubbing down her spine like velvet. Concentrate, her brain snapped at her.

Hmmm, now why do I never find someone that walking in the woods? *pouts*

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  1. Yes, Concentrate sounds like good advice

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