Thursday Tall Tales – Tempting Sin Part One

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Well, it’s getting towards weekend, and to hopefully speed you along towards Friday I’m starting a new Thursday post called Tall Tales, where I’m going to share some short stories with you in a few installments.

The first is called Tempting Sin, and some of you may have come across it before in the now recalled anthology My Bloody Valentine. I really hope you enjoy it and, as always feedback is welcome 🙂

Tempting Sin

598591_150933858449834_2080588945_nThe world was spread out before her, rolling hills and quaint villages. If she strained, she could make out people scrambling in their busy little lives, so convinced of their importance. If only they could see things from here, perhaps they would realize the insignificance of it all.

Perhaps her life was no better. Lately, she’d been feeling dissatisfied, and that shouldn’t be in her nature.

“Enjoying the view?” The low voice made her jump and she spun around, shocked.

“What are you doing here?” she snapped.

He laughed, spreading his hands wide, a gesture of innocence she knew he didn’t possess. “It’s a free sky.”

She glared at him. Sin was always appealing—it was designed that way—so it shouldn’t surprise her that he was gorgeous. Well over six feet, heavy muscles under pale skin, one arm encircled by an intricate set of tattoos that wrapped lovingly around his biceps. His face was masculine perfection: strong lines, dark hair, and eyes the deep green of emeralds. Gazing into them, Isaura could almost see the flickering flames in their depths. She was well aware that she shouldn’t look, but sometimes it was just too tempting.

“Surely there’s plenty of sky,” she retorted. “Must you pick the same cloud as me?”

He smiled; really, that smile should be outlawed. “There is indeed, but then I came for the view as well.” His gaze was bold and slightly amused as it ran over her.

“Go find another view,” she told him sharply.

“You know, you’re blushing.”

She glared. Lying was a sin, so she couldn’t deny it, but she didn’t see the need to admit to it, either.

His eyes mocked her. “Still sticking with the guys upstairs, then?”

She nodded shortly, turning away.

“A shame.” His voice had dropped and she felt it running down her spine. “It’s so much more fun below. But then you’re too pure to be tempted by anything like that. Aren’t you, Isaura?”

She half-turned, surprised he knew her name. He took a step closer, his body brushing up against hers. An odd tingle ran through her, an unfamiliar feeling starting in her stomach and pooling lower.

“It’s called desire,” he murmured.

She should leave, run away and never see him again. Despite herself she was curious; it was intense, so far away from anything she’d experienced. She recalled the restlessness she’d been experiencing lately, the desire for something else, something new.

That deep green gaze was consuming her. She couldn’t look away as his head dipped and his lips covered hers. The softest brush of flesh, but over and over until her lips tingled and burned and she felt herself parting them on a soft gasp. His tongue slipped between them, the kiss deepening, becoming more desperate, needy. Flames spread through her body as her blood caught on fire. The sensations were earthier, more elemental than anything she had experienced, and yet they made her feel lighter, freer than she had in a long time.

He released her. She knew she ought to rail at him, but instead her fingers crept to her swollen lips, feeling oddly bereft.

“I have watched you for a long time, Isaura. You are not meant to be on high. It is not where you belong.”

Isaura wanted to protest, but she had the same doubts, the same questions herself lately.

“Where do I belong, then?” she whispered.

He smiled at her. “With me.”

Shock went through her. “I can’t. I would have to fall.”

His gaze was mocking. “It’s not as bad as they make out, my dear. Besides, you are hardly the pure of mind and heart, are you?”

She blushed again; right now her thoughts seemed to be entirely impure—almost downright wicked. He grinned as though he knew exactly what they were.

“It is a free choice. When you decide, come and find me.”

Before she could reply, he stepped off the edge of the fluffy cloud, floating lazily for a moment before disappearing. She had no idea how he did that. If she fell, she would lose her powers, be essentially mortal. It was a ridiculous thought and based on nothing but a kiss! It was too much to give up.1509164_610462822340852_717518126_nArtwork credits:

Esther Puche –

Anne Stokes –

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