My Sexy Saturday – 10/10/15

Hi all,

I’m enjoying a lovely relaxing weekend, so am happy to be joining in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. Today’s excerpt comes from my Wonderland-themed story, Follow the White Rabbit. I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the great authors participating here:

cat grin“Hey, little mouse. Looks like you want to play after all.”

Mary Ann swallowed forcibly, her heart pounding in her chest and her palms going clammy.

“I don’t know if I can,” she whispered. She had no idea what she was doing here.

“Let’s see, shall we?”

Before she could answer, he had spun her round to face him. She had an instant impression of smooth tawny skin and those fierce yellow eyes boring into her before his lips came crashing down on hers, and the world seemed to drop away from her.

He didn’t give her chance to adjust, to start slowly, he simply demanded, and Mary Ann was shocked to find herself instantly and automatically giving in. Her hands slid between them to rest on his chest, feeling the muscles tensing beneath her, the heat of his skin burning into her palms. His lips slanted over hers, and when she automatically opened for him, his tongue slipped instantly inside, deepening the kiss even as his hands dragged her closer against him. One hand tangled in her hair, while the other slid down her back, pressing her lower body against his until she could feel every hard inch of him moulding against her curves. Her nipples beaded against his chest, and she felt heat pooling between her legs.

A slight whimper rose to her lips, a plea, though she had no idea whether she was actually begging for him to stop or to carry on. He pulled back slightly, and she felt her breath catch at the hunger on his face. No one had ever looked at her like that before, like they needed her to breathe. Even without her memory, she knew in the depths of her soul that if someone had ever looked at her like that before, she would have remembered; it would have been ingrained into her.

Follow the White Rabbit is free on Amazon all weekend – you can find it here:

so grab yourself a bargain now! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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