Love Reawakened Prequel – Part Two

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Well, with it being a bit of a non-stop week, I seem to have missed my usual Saturday blog hop, so thought I would share another part of my new free read, which is the prequel for Love Reawakened. Hmm, I really do need an actual name for it (suggestions welcome!). Anyway, hope you enjoy! 🙂

The-Witch1Coming up to the class was not a pretty sight. There were about half a dozen students, all reasonably young and female, milling around in shocked panic. A tall, dark-haired woman was trying to balance checking on a worryingly still slumped form on the ground while keeping herself between the rest of the students and a dirt-covered snarling animal.

“I’ve got the creature, check the one on the floor’s alive and get them out of here.” Deacan barked orders and Garret nodded, quickly moving to the still figure on the ground.

His brother was a genius when it came to strategy and assessing situations, and he was used to following his orders. They worked well together as a team. Deacan was already drawing power, his hands shaping symbols as the creature’s snarling died down.

Garret crouched down next to the young woman, and gently checked her for injuries. There was a nasty bump on her head and the stickiness of blood when he touched it. She’d possibly twisted her ankle as well, but she would live. He carefully turned her over. Pretty, with dark red hair pulled back from a pale face. He took off his jacket, gently placing it behind her head. She was probably better coming round on her own. His eyes roamed past her to the symbols on the ground. What the hell?


Emma groaned as pain speared through her. Her bed had suddenly become very uncomfortable, there was what felt like rocks in it, and her pillow was weird and scratchy and smelled of … guy. Slowly she opened her eyes. The sky was dark above her and when she managed to turn her head she could see gravestones.

“Great, I’m having a nightmare.” She muttered to herself.

There was shouting close by, and she closed her eyes again as it made her head throb more. Through the fuzziness she started to make out words.

“Could have been killed… why weren’t you watching her… what the hell kind of teacher are you?”

“Please,” she whispered. “Quiet, need quiet.”

Abruptly the noise stopped and she was suddenly aware of someone leaning over her. Opening her eyes again, she blinked up into the face of one seriously hot guy. Okay, her dream was looking up. He smiled down at her.

“How’re you feeling?” His voice was low, gravelly, and did funny things to her stomach.

“My head hurts,” she whimpered.

“I know, sweetheart, you took a bit of a bump. Let’s get you somewhere more comfortable and we can get it looked at.”

Sweetheart? Mmmm, for someone who very rarely dreamed her subconscious was really on form here. If it would just get rid of the throbbing pain in her head then this might really be getting good.

“Can you stand?” He was asking, and she tried to get to her feet, only to realize her ankle didn’t want to behave either. A cry of pain escaped her when she tried to put weight on it, and she ended up almost falling on top of him.

“Easy, honey,” he told her with another grin. “We have only just met.”

“I don’t think I can walk,” she groaned, and then let out a cry of shock when he swung her up into his arms.

“Come on then, never let it be said I don’t help damsels in distress.” His eyes twinkled down at her.

“Not a damsel,” Emma muttered. “Am a witch.”

He laughed. “I know that, no reason you can’t be both.” His gaze suddenly shifted past her and his tone turned brisk. “All sorted, D?”

“Yup, he’s back in the ground. And, I see you have things well in hand here.”

There was a hint of amusement in that voice and Emma managed to twist around slightly to see another man grinning down at them. Wow, he was hot as well, her dream imagination was on form tonight!

“Hey, I’m just helping out,” the man holding her groused, and he set off moving, the second man keeping pace with them.

Emma looked up at her rescuer. Her head was really feeling fuzzy but he was just gorgeous. Dark hair, close-cropped to his head, deep brown eyes that held a hint of mischief, couple of days stubble as though he hadn’t been bothered shaving. She slowly reached up a hand, tracing her fingers over the dark shadow on his jaw. He paused, looking down at her.

“You are really cute,” she told him.

A startled laugh escaped him, rumbling through the deep chest she was being held against.

The second man was laughing as well. “Better hurry up, Garret. The poor girl obviously has a concussion.”

“Shut up, D. She might just have good taste.”

Emma frowned at him. “Yup, have good taste. That’s why this is a good dream.”

“Sweetheart, you’re not dreaming. You banged your head, do you remember?”

Her frown deepened. “Dreaming.” She gestured to the other man. “He’s cute too, but not as cute as you.”

“See, D, excellent taste.” He shifted her slightly in his arms. “What’s your name?”

“Emma,” she murmured. “Am gonna sleep now. Is it weird to go to sleep when you’re already dreaming?”

“No, stay awake for me. Emma, can you hear me?” His voice was getting faint and she felt her head lolling back against his arm. “Shit, D, I think you’re right about the concussion. Can you get us out of here?”

It really was a shame. It had been such a promising dream and she hadn’t got to have any fun, but she just couldn’t make her eyes stay open.

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