Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

12184329_10207733887255811_4364423523897114955_oYou may have noticed I’ve had a few days off from posting. While I absolutely love release days, the build up, the promo work, and all the fun and games on the day can be a little knackering so Friday was a nice chill out day to recover πŸ™‚ Then was out for Halloween festivities over the weekend (what do you think of the costume? It went a little bluer than I was aiming for, but we’ll call it artistic license). I hope you’ve all had a fun weekend as well – and you’ve still got some candy left πŸ˜‰

Back to it today though, I’ve got two novellas from my old publisher that I’m working on getting re-edited, re-formatted and re-released soon, and of course we’re heading towards Christmas! I know, I know, and trust me I’m usually cursing any mention of it this early as well but if you’re wanting heart-warming Christmas-themed stories to sit by the fire with then they need to be started early *sighs* I wonder if I can get away with Christmas cookies early to write with πŸ™‚

Cemetery in a foggy full moon nightDon’t forget, if you’re looking for a fun, spooky read for the dark nights we’re having now, my new release Love Reawakened is available here:

Have a great Monday (hehe, well, try at least!) x

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