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It’s Friday – woot! Hope you’ve all got fun plans for the weekend. It looks like I have a busy one lined up writing-wise, but I managed to take time out to read Carnal Theory by the fab Henry Corrigan.

Review – 4 stars

I will freely admit that erotica is not generally my first choice of read – mainly because I like a little more story with my sex 😉 – so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Carnal Theory not only had steamy sex scenes but also a well-formed storyline and decent character development.

Dr Elizabeth Spencer has a sexual theory that she’s determined to prove. To do this she needs a sexual partner, and has decided that Dr Michael Aaronson is the perfect fit. What she doesn’t count on is Michael’s unpredictable behaviour, or the fact that things quickly become much more than clinical between them. Elizabeth was a little hard to warm to as a character at first (though the way she ended things with her former sexual partner definitely had me giggling), but it was nice to see her soften and become more vulnerable as the story progressed. Michael I really liked, he was patient and funny, and it made me smile how much he could frustrate Elizabeth, while doing exactly what he was told 😉

Overall, this was a fun read, fast-paced with some twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting. This is the first thing I have read from this author, but would definitely look out for more.


Dr. Elizabeth Spencer has a theory about sex.
As Northeastern State University’s leading behavioral researcher, the beautiful yet guarded doctor believes that lifelong satisfaction is no longer a couple’s only game.
After being left to her own devices thanks to years of disappointment, Spencer sets out to put her theory to the test.
But when she meets her subject, the handsome, stubborn and unpredictable Dr. Michael Aaronson, more than just the science begins to go awry.
As their sessions together heat up, and the two find themselves more and more on common ground, a sudden betrayal puts the entire project and their careers in jeopardy. Thrust into the national spotlight with questions flying on all sides, Spencer and Aaronson must face not only an uncertain future, but their own pasts as well.
Will Spencer lose everything she set out to prove? Or will she finally find the satisfaction she’s been looking for all her life?

If you’re looking to give it a try yourself, you can find Carnal Theory here:

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And if you want to find out more about Henry and his release’s, you can find him on social media:


Twitter: @HenryCorrigan


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