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As you are probably aware the date today is 11/11 which means that, depending on where you are in the world, it’s Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day. Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s a day for remembering and honoring all those men and women who have served their country, some paying the ultimate price for it.

I previously had a military romance out with my old publisher and when I was looking at re-releasing it I really wanted to try and do something special. Along with fabulous fellow authors Leona Bushman and Sheri Velarde, then today we are releasing a military-romance themed anthology, called Duty, Honor, Desire – and best of all, all the proceeds are going to go to Help for Heroes. This is a wonderful military charity who helps both current and ex service people and their families, with a particular emphasis on those who have been wounded in the line of duty. Please, please show your support by buying a copy and sharing the links. Not only do you get three great military-themed stories, but you’re supporting an amazing cause! Thanks so much! x

Duty Honor Cover 1Blurb

They say all’s fair in love and war – but what happens when duty and honor clash with desire? Find out in these short and steamy romances, involving servicemen and women.

All proceeds to Help for Heroes.

Over A Dead Body – Leona Bushman

Chief Petty Officer John Riker has a problem—a dead body and no one for NCIS to blame but him. With blood covering his hands and uniform, he looks as guilty as he feels for being late and being unable to save his friend. And, if things aren’t bad enough, the NCIS in charge is his ex-fiance. While he hadn’t left her standing at the altar, he had broken it off hoping to save her the heartache of living alone while he served.
NCIS Special Agent Edith Jane Lancaster hates that Riker ends up being top suspect in a murder crime. Although, it does give her an advantage as she already knows his tells and his lies. Leaving her at the altar had been something he claimed to do for her so she wouldn’t be lonely, but that was all she’d been since he left—alone. Would her opinion cloud the subject? After five years, she figures she can be impartial.
Together, they have to find out who wanted to kill John’s friend in an elite Military move. Can Edith save John from the killer and himself? Can John ever forgive himself for leaving her? Will she? Or will they both die alone, with a killer running loose on the naval base?

A Chance at Love – Shelli Rosewarne

Corporal Aidan Hamilton has the unenviable job of telling his best friend’s sister that her brother isn’t coming back. This is slightly complicated by the fact that from the moment he meets Suzanne Kelsey he knows she’s everything he’s ever wanted. While Suzanne might need someone to lean on at the moment, can he convince her that what they have is more than a short term fling?
Suzanne had always told her big brother that being a soldier was too dangerous, so when she sees the uniformed officer in front of her house she knows exactly what he’s here to tell her. While Aidan may set her blood on fire, Suzanne has already lost one soldier she loved and she’s not prepared to trust her heart to another one.

Taking Pleasure Where You Can – Sheri Velarde

Ever since Pearl Harbor John had become a shell of a man, not able to move on from the trauma. One night out with the guys and one woman were about to change everything.

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