Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

Apologies for the lack of posting over the weekend. My laptop still isn’t fixed and now my network cable for my desktop computer in on the blink so have had very little internet over the past few days. Yup, technology hates me and nope, I’m not coping well 😉 Still, at least I had a friend visiting so managed to have a nice catchup and not sit around moaning.

Well, up until all my computery things had a wobble it was quite a productive week. As you probably saw, I’ve released a new anthology last week (if not, please do check it out, all proceeds to charity), and have managed to do a repolish on a Christmas story that I’m wanting to re-release soon. I’m also writing a shiny new one to go with it (though admittedly that’s now going a little slower without the laptop lol). They’re both angel-themed, which is a bit of a change of pace for me from necromancers, witches and shifters, but I’m enjoying it.

I’m also hoping to have the free read prequel for Love Reawakened up very soon, just waiting on it coming back from a final checkover and then I have the cover and everything all ready to go. I know, I know, it’s taken ages – fingers crossed it’ll be worth it!

Anyway, if the posting this week is a little hit and miss, I apologise, and hopefully normal services will resume soon 🙂

Have a good Monday x

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