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Hi all,

It’s nearly weekend, woot! And I’m extra happy as I have the fab Leona Bushman dropping by to visit. Leona is not only an amazing and supportive fellow writer, but is scarily multi-talented and also an editor, painter, crafter, and general superwoman! You may also have read her *ahem* steamy story in our recent charity anthology (if you haven’t checked it out yet then please do!). Anyway, I shall hand you over *sits backs and grabs the biccies*

Hi *waves*

My name is Leona Bushman, and I’m a writer. I haven’t acted like one in recent years, letting circumstances push me around. But baby, I’m back! I have written nearly 40k words this month, on top of sewing, family crisis, sick kids, doctors, kids’ conferences…etc. I also edited a few peeps and work a part time day job of sewing/teaching sewing, which takes prepwork.

It’s been a hard row and taken a lot of grit, fighting depression, fighting stereotypes, and the hardest, fighting myself. What if it’s not good enough? Well, what if? Then you edit, revamp, work it out…I know all of this, and yet, let circumstances suck away my creative energy, my spark, my very will to write. But it’s back. I’ve had it go a few times as I let other people’s opinions make me insecure, or work for others…at places that aren’t paying enough for hours worked.

Never give up. Never, ever ever.

20151116_181517_004Now, I have a new book on the horizon, Magic and Weres, that I plan to self pub with three previously published stories from a publisher that is no longer in business, and one new one from me, that took it’s bones from something that was in a magazine a long time ago…basically, I kept under 1000 of the original words, and it’s about 9-10k, so yeah, bare bones is all! But I’m excited. I’ve had these puppies over a year. It’s taken this long to remember, I’m a writer and artist…not a jack in the box fly by night creator, but a true writer and artist. I’m depressed and emotionally upset when not practicing my arts, both written and visual, so why do I let myself go around the bend and lose sight of that? I don’t know, but now I have friends who kick me in the arse and make me go back on the rails where I want to be, to travel my journey in the direction I’ve chosen.

Find those friends, be that friend, and if you have them, freaking listen to them! Lol


I hope you will look for my books on ARe and Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and Kobo…and other places! My art is on Etsy, and I sell direct. My lovely hostess has a painting of mine that she took on a walkabout in Edinburgh!


PiperHehe, I do indeed – it was lots of fun taking it on a photo tour of Edinburgh – and it got lots of admiring looks. (I am completely positive than 99% of the stares we got were due to how awesome the painting is, and not at all because we were holding it up in front of random historic sites and annoying bagpipers).

Thanks so much to Leona for visiting, and I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have. Please do check out her works, both writing and artistic, and if you want to follow her then she’ll give you all the details below 🙂


I love talking to people. I can be found on twitter, FB, and tumbler.

Leona Bushman goes by many names but the most well-known one is superhero. She earned this name from saving a kangaroo from a tree—and yes that is as hard as it sounds. The dragons taught their queen how to write, and Queen Leona hasn’t looked back, even when her muse tries to muck things up.

She can be found goofing off and loving dragons and other creatures of the supernatural at these places:

Twitter: @L_Bushman



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Mayhem in Mexico ~Urban Sci-fi~ Please note, this is not a romance.

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Rick Sexed Up the Doc

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Death’s Car, a serial

Coming soon: Pirating Christmas, Magic and Weres anthology



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