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It’s Tuesday, so I thought I would tease with a wee excerpt from the Love Reawakened prequel, which should be out this week! I’m just sorting out formatting at the moment, but I do have a shiny new cover made for it… what do you think?

Prequel Cover 3I was going for the dark and creepy look, well that and I just love spooky pictures with bats – so, sue me 😉 Anyway, here’s your excerpt and it’s slightly in keeping with the cover. Don’t worry though, there’s definitely some romance in there too!

Garret’s heart stopped as the scream ripped through the air. What the fuck? There shouldn’t be anyone around at this time. The place was middle of nowhere, not to mention private property. Most people didn’t even know it was here, which was the only reason there hadn’t been serious casualties from the ghouls so far.

Deacan’s eyes met his, shock on the other man’s face as well. As one, they turned, running in the direction of the cry. As they came out into the open Garret’s sharp eyes picked out the running figure, and blind panic slammed into him as he recognized the slim form and red hair flying out behind her.

“Emma!” He shouted.

She glanced over her shoulder, and even from the distance he could see the fear in her eyes. The nearest ghoul reached out, its claws curving and he realized in that split second that she wasn’t going to make it.

Time seemed to slow down as he saw her fall. He threw his powers out, was dimly aware of Deacan doing the same, and the ghouls dropped to the ground like puppets with the strings abruptly cut. All he could see was the small figure lying motionless on the ground, her dark red hair pooled around her head, glinting in the flickering light from the fires, matching the red stain spreading across her back.

 And, don’t forget, the original, Love Reawakened is out now 🙂


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