Tuesday Teaser

Hi all,

Sorry I missed the usual post yesterday, am a little under the weather this week, but hopefully can plod through 🙂 Anyway, it’s Tuesday so let’s have a teaser. This is from my Christmas themed novella, which should be getting re-released either this week or early next. I think edits are all done so just need to tweak a new cover! Hope you enjoy x


39081b496fed446ac35596f14f8b765fLaurel stood in the middle of the snowy street. Crowds of people jostled and pushed each other along, yet they parted around her, some glancing over at her with perplexed looks while others looked right through her. She wore a thick winter coat for appearances, but she hadn’t bothered buttoning it. The snow would melt before it touched her anyway. Right now she was frowning as her gaze intently followed the figure of a tall, broad shouldered man making his way through the crowds.

This man parted the crowds in a different way, as though people realized from the set mouth and the loping stride that it was move or be moved. In fact, if someone was too slow to move in time he seemed to relish jostling past them with muttered curses about the “bloody season.” When a group of carollers started singing just ahead of him, the look he shot at them made one of the women actually shriek and draw back.

Laurel followed him, keeping pacing easily down the busy street, and paused as he entered a toy store. She watched through the window as for the first time he looked slightly bemused, inspecting various large dolls, before abruptly shrugging and picking up one with dark curling hair and thick-lashed eyes. He emerged back into the snow, juggling the large package and cursing some more at Santa’s elves from the grotto down the street before stalking through the center to the car park.

The woman paused, tilting her head and a disturbance in the air next to her dissolved into the form of a tall, blond haired man wearing a long robe.

“Jeremiah.” She bowed her head respectfully towards him. Jeremiah was senior to her in rank, but more then that he had always been loyal and supportive when she needed it. She knew he didn’t approve of what she was doing, so the fact that he had shown up anyway proved that more then ever.

“You have not rethought things then?”

She shook her head. “This would not have been offered to me if it was impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible, as we know more than most, but this man is perhaps one of the closest cases I’ve seen. He has no compassion left, no goodwill. Do not waste your time on him, Laurel.”


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