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Apologies for the lack of posts this week, with being back at the day job as well as getting lots of new writing in (yay!) the routine has slipped slightly! Hopefully should be back to normal next week 🙂 However, today I’m very happy to have the lovely Patricia Logan visiting. Patricia has a new release out, Say My Name, and is talking about some of her experiences with writing M/M romance. I’m always fascinated by why people are drawn to the genres they write in, as well the issues they might face along the way, so am looking forward to hearing her views. Take it away, Patricia 🙂


Patricia Logan Author PicI write MM romance. As most authors, I write the genre where I am comfortable, where I can sit down at the keyboard and have the characters come alive beneath my fingers. They have to be fleshed out in my mind before I can put them down on paper.

I have a great love for heroes. I discovered romance novels when I was twelve and I began to devour them. Nothing fueled my youthful romantic head more than the way I imagined heroic men, claiming the damsel in distress. This kept me reading for more than forty years. When I discovered erotica, I made a transition from MF to menage MFM and then suddenly one day I picked up a MMF menage by accident. When I read love scenes with the two men together, I became fascinated and began to search out this new genre to me. MM became the place I was most excited to read.

When I began writing, back in 2007, after a couple fumbles with MF, I sat down and began a MM book. Once I began outlining Leather Nights (my first published book), I knew that I’d found my home. Writing a love story between two men became my passion and I have never looked back.

Once I was published, I gravitated to FB because it was fairly new and I began meeting other authors, discovering that they had many of the same thoughts, fantasies, and real-life challenges as I did. They became people I could reach out to who understood where I was in my writing life when I couldn’t expect the same understanding from my family.

Writing MM is very different from other genres. First, authors of gay erotica are such a mixed bag of life experiences with one common goal: to write characters who embody a sometimes uncomfortable truth about themselves, primarily their attraction to the same sex. Sometimes this is a journey our characters take, transitioning from a place where they are searching for the truth within themselves. Sometimes that means embracing the men they always knew they were inside and sometimes that means pushing aside their fears and letting the world know who they are, namely, unashamedly saying they love another man.

As a straight woman, my family couldn’t understand why I began writing in this genre. After being published almost 6 years, with over 40 books, they still accept what I do grudgingly at best, but anyone who knows me, understands that I don’t sway easily. I am very stubborn and in my case, stubbornness was necessary to keep me motivated.

It’s not all rainclouds however bad it sounds. The lukewarm support at home has been disappointing but I have compensated with having relationships with other authors who do what I do. Authors can be an amazing support group and cheering section and their love and encouragement has kept me going. I’ve also made lifetime friendships and that in and of itself, makes this whole thing worthwhile.


Thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad that you’ve found your niche and are managing to find a support network for it. I love the support I’ve had from other writers and it’s nice to see other also getting a positive experience.

So, let’s have a look at Patricia’s new release!

Cover - Say My NameBlurb

Dawson Thomas is a rent boy, a young man who goes out hoping to impress a man who’ll pay him to be a submissive for a kinky night together. One night he accompanies a friend to a BDSM club in New York. Raw Hide is a place where men gather to live out their fantasies and Dawson can’t believe his good luck when the owner invites him upstairs to be paid for a night of kink. When others whisper that

the man is hideously deformed, calling him “The Monster”, Dawson remembers the cost of his tuition and puts aside his fears, accompanying the bodyguard to the man’s apartment.

Each night, Cole Chambliss paces in his rooms above Raw Hide, watching beautiful submissives give themselves to their Doms, just a few steps down the stairs. Cole longs for days past when he could go out in public… when no one would stare at him in horror. After paying a bitter price when fighting for his country, Cole knows his days of walking among whole men are gone forever… that is until one night he takes a risk that terrifies him. The stunning submissive who’s caught his eye is something extraordinary and Cole decides he must chance everything for one last shot at happiness.

One dark night, one desperate risk, and one horrifying request later, Cole hears the words he’s feared since his return from the war. “Say my name, Sir… please just… say my name…”


If you’re wanting to grab a copy (and I think I’m definitely convinced!) the buy links are here:



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