My Sexy Saturday – 16/01/16

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Yay, it’s weekend, and I’m joining in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. Today’s excerpt in from my current WIP, which is part two in my wolves series (its not edited yet so please excuse any mistakes). Hope you enjoy x


blackwolfWhat the hell did this man do to her? She never acted like this. She didn’t do casual, she never had this kind of reaction to almost strangers. Never. Was this something to do with the weirdness of this place, had he cast some kind of weird species spell over her?

He gave a low chuckle, nipping lightly at the curve of the top of her breast. “You have the strangest ideas, honey.”

“What…?” Her brain wasn’t functioning too well, but she was pretty sure she hadn’t said anything out loud. God, she really was losing her mind – who would have thought it would be over a hawt, if mildly delusional, guy?

He laughed again. “As long as it’s only mildly.”

Fuck, she really needed to get a grip on her mouth. As though he heard her he took her mouth again, long drugging kisses that zapped her mental thought processes. Yup, that was probably the solution.

When he slowly released her a whimper of protest rose up. He smiled at her ruefully.

“Honey, if you’re going to want to stop, the time would be now, before we get too out of control.”


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  1. Eek, I hate the thought of someone knowing what I’m thinking. In bed, though, it might be a blessing!

    1. hehe, I think it would definitely have pros and cons 😉

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