Tuesday Catch Up

Hi all,

IMG_3569Yes, I know I’m a day late for catching up 😉 Due to train delays and various other things yesterday ended up being a bit of a tiring day so didn’t manage to get round to posting. Hopefully you’ll forgive me and things should be back to normal this week! Anyway, as I said have been have away and was really fantastic. Harry Potter Studios was just as awesome as I’d imagined (I could quite happily move in I think) and would highly recommend to anyone who happens to be near or visiting London. Having those huge double doors swing open and walking into the Great Hall was a surreal experience – and was lovely to just catch the end of the Winter Wonderland event, so it was dressed up for Christmas still. Really enjoyed seeing all the original sets, props and costumes and got to sit outside on a sunny day, with the fake snow falling, and drink a butterbeer while looking at the outdoor sets (Privet Drive, the Potter Cottage etc).

IMG_3631I could ramble on about it for a while so I shall try not to bore you and instead briefly touch on the rest of the visit. Managed to check out a few ‘real life’ filming locations (any Sherlock or Black Books fans), had a lovely walk down Southbank watching the sun set behind the Houses of Parliament, then enjoyed a show. Overall was a great trip, and was even better to round it off with a few days seeing family.

IMG_3656Back to work this week though! Starting back on the writing tonight, there’s edits to do, social media to catch up, blog posts to write, various other bits and pieces. Hopefully shall get back to it feeling refreshed 🙂


Take care x


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