Guest Author – Sheri Velarde with Blood, Lust and Love: A Collection of Vampire Shorts

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Apologies for the lack of posts, has been a bit of a stressful week but hey, it’s weekend now, and it’s off to a good start since I have the fab Sheri Velarde dropping by. Sheri has a shiny new collection of vampire short stories out called Blood, Lust and Love,and she’s going to chat to us now about vampires (we all love them, right?). Take it away, Sheri 🙂


Vampires. The kings of the paranormal world it seems, at least in terms of popularity. Why is that? These creatures of the undead have certainly had a sexy renaissance. Not too long ago vampires were ugly, rotting creatures that were feared and thought disgusting. Now? Well long gone are the vampires of Nosferatu. Think more along the lines of Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries. Vampires are hot and sexy! Though of course they still drink your blood, but would you really mind?

So what is it exactly that makes vampires so darn alluring? Well if we assume they were gorgeous and young when they were turned (and that certainly is the case most of the time) well they will remain that way forever. They can also offer the same to you. A never ending life. A never ending love. A life away from illness and death, at least for the vampires themselves. Power. Riches, as you are bound to accumulate some living forever and all. I know those all play an important part in my fascination of the undead bloodsuckers.

And of course as an author I love the amount of backstory that being immortal gives my characters. For instance, two of the stories in Blood, Lust and Love involve Melvil, a noble Frenchman who is turned into a vampire hundreds of years ago in Curse of the Blood. Then we get to see him in modern times still coping in Alone No More, which was actually written first. I probably could still write more prequels, like one about Honnor, who turned Melvil in the first place. It is fun to trace my characters back, to see their beginnings, to see their “makers”. That is part of why vampires are so fun for me.

What do you love about vampires? Are they your favorite creature of the night? Why or why not? Leave your answers in the comments!

Ooh, well I’m definitely intrigued now. Here’s the book details!

Blood, Lust and Love smallerBlurb:

Three vampire stories in one collection for the first time! In Under a Ring of Fire, everything changes for Jackie thanks to an eclipse of the sun. She is a dying woman, living what’s left of her life in misery. One night, one mysterious guest and she will be forever altered. Is this her chance to live at last? In Curse of the Blood, not even service to his king in time of war could prepare Melvil for the pleasurable evil he would suffer at the hands of Honnor. One act of kindness dooms him to a life that he never wanted. In Alone No More, the tortured Melvil is back, living a life of penance. One night he saves a young woman from ghouls and sees hope for the first time in years. Ella is a woman alone in life, until a mysterious Frenchman saves her from more than ghouls.

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