Tuesday Teaser

Hi all,

Well, it’s Tuesday, which means Teaser time 🙂 This week’s is from a work I’m currently editing, Psychic Shadows. Since this isn’t a final copy yet hopefully you’ll forgive me for any spelling/grammar mistakes. Hope you enjoy 🙂


psychic-mediums-online-psychic-readingsHe stopped and she was surprised to realise they were outside her bedroom door already. “Well, I’ll see you in the morning – or later on this morning, I suppose now.”

Suddenly feeling awkward, she managed a weak smile. He reached past her for the door handle, just as she moved for it herself. Her hand ended up over his and before she’d managed to get her shields up a rush of emotions surged over her. Worry, exhaustion, but over-riding them a tide of desire that seemed to centre in the one place where their skin touched. Her gaze flew up to his, the deep blue drawing her in, until she was drowning in the ocean. Her breath caught and her skin tingled, and she had the oddest feeling that she didn’t even know if it was her desire, his, or a mingled combination of the two. Whatever it was seemed to be crashing over her, the tiny rational part of her brain was telling her to run away, but she felt herself swaying towards him. His eyes darkened, the hand on hers tensed and she was convinced he was leaning back into her when he suddenly blinked sharply and stepped back. She stood a moment, dazed, feeling slightly like someone had thrown cold water over her and acutely aware of the loss of his hand under hers.

“You’re a magnifier as well, apparently,” his voice was husky, and she had to blink several times before she could process what he’d actually said.

“What does that mean?” her voice didn’t seem to want to work.

“You amplify emotions, and turn them back on people. It’s a useful gift, just watch it doesn’t get away from you.”

psychic3Shannon felt her face flaming. Christ, he sounded so calm, when she was still feeling like she was going to keel over if she moved away from the door.

“Yes, well…” what the hell was she supposed to say to that?

His face softened. “Don’t worry, honey. You’ll be fine.” He reached out a hand and lightly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, before his finger lingered, trailing a line down her cheek. She stood there, her body seeming frozen except for the trail of fire running from his fingertip. Honey?

He stepped back. “Good night, Shannon.”

Move! Self-preservation made her fingers close over the door handle and she almost fell back through the door before slamming it shut behind her and leaning back against it. Her heart was pounding and her mind churning. What the hell was happening to her?


Enjoy your Tuesday. Take care x

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