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Yay for weekend – and it’s off to a good start since I have the lovely Leona Bushman dropping by 🙂 Leona is a very talented author – as well as painter, editor, crafter, mom and general superwoman – so I’m thrilled she’s taken time out of her busy schedule to chat about her latest works. She also has some fab giveaways for you, so stay tuned to the end lol. Take it away Leona!

Hello. My name is Leona Bushman, and I’m a writer. And artist. And editor. And crocheter. And costumer. And quilter… Let’s just say I love to be creative, shall we? After some struggles, I’ve finally slipped my feet under me and am positioning myself at the starting line…and off she goes!

I’m so excited for this year. I have my new release, War of the Weres, and another on Pre-order. AND, I have one coming out April/May (April if I can get my head wrapped around edits in between being sick and sick kids.), and I have about four of them in wings nearly ready to go, and two more working on to send to Agents and big six. That’s just my writing world! It’s going to be an exciting year, so I hope you can follow along with me.

leonaHere is a recent painting, newly up on my Etsy Shop:


What do you dream of? I dream of Scotland. Of having the monetary freedom to move to Scotland with my family, writing, painting, and teaching my children about their ancestry, about the past, and showing them that what we do on this planet matters.

In my ancestry, there are multiple times that one side of my family saved the ancestor on the other. Can you imagine? Multiple times in my family’s history, one family member was responsible for making sure of the continuation that would become me stayed possible. That’s not even taking into account the other times—near accidents, times you may have saved someone from worse because you told them their tire was flat on the freeway (yes, I did this, and no, I don’t have their name, but imagine if they’d hit a pothole going that fast? Or what would happen when they tried to do the loop do loop off the 70 mile an hour freeway and slow down to 25 too fast?) before it really hurt them, or you stopped a little one crossing on the way home from school because they didn’t see the douchbag speeding and turning the corner? Just imagine.

We all matter. I want a legacy that matters. My legacy is my art, and my writing. I hope to help provide for my children well after I’m gone with it. My oldest (with my 2nd husband) may have an issue but hasn’t been diagnosed, my second has been thought to have Asperger’s or High functioning Autism (in my state, there’s no point in getting the actual diagnosis as it’s no longer considered a disability and would simply slap a label on him), and my youngest has Down Syndrome. My grandbaby from my eldest daughter has a severe form of Juvenile Arthritis and my daughter has health issues. There is going to come a time when they’ll need all the extra. That’s short term needs.

Long term, I want to be remembered. I want my descendants to be ecstatic when they learn they are related to THAT Leona. So, if someone says, Oh, I have a Leona hanging in my dining room, they’re happy to claim me. Or they say, I have a first editing Leona Bushman from x era. It’s a dream, it’s a goal that I feel passionate about.

We all matter. What we each do every day matters. Be it a kind word, a smile, or a word of encouragement, you may make the difference in someone’s life, even, yes, life and death. So please, dream, dream big, and be nice to one another. Also, read my books 😉

I have a giveaway going on at my author page, AND, Here’s the big news on today’s guest post. I’m giving away a $25 gift card for every 100 paid preorders of Pirating Christmas. So, if I have 400 pre-orders, that’ll be $100 dollars in gift cards!!! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your choice.

Also, if I hit 1000 pre-orders, I’ll give away a Kindle Fire. You may email me your receipt, or send/post the screenshot to my author page. Also, think about that…$250 dollars in gift cards, too! So spread the word! In the meantime, enjoy the cover.

Ooh, lots of shiny giveaways. If you’re wanting to take part here are the details for Pirating Christmas.


Captain Faraway and her crew are called out on a rescue of a cruise ship to a desolate planet right before Christmas. However, all is not as it seems with the survivors of the crashed ship. Pirates threaten the captain of the cruise ship and her own ship and crew. Can Captain Faraway and Lieutenant Commander Ethan Roarke ferret out those whom don’t belong before they’ve taken over her ship, or will they pirate Christmas along with their ships?

And the prelinks are here (don’t forget to send Leona your pop so you can enter the giveaways):

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Thanks so much for dropping by Leona – and I hope you all have a fab start to the weekend x


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