My Sexy Saturday 20/02/16

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How’s your weekend going? I’m joining in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop today, the theme this week is ‘mystery’ so I’m sharing an excerpt from my paranormal romantic suspense that I’m currently editing. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

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Shannon Dempsey slipped her gun from its holster as she cautiously peered into the first floor apartment. The door was hanging off its hinges and she could see from here that the place seemed to have been ransacked. More than that though she could feel the fear and violence radiating out from the doorway, the emotions were so strong she could almost see them float in shimmering waves on the air. Sometimes it baffled her that no one else seemed to be able to sense them. She debated a moment whether to wait for backup, but the call had reported possible gunshots – waiting could cost lives.

She carefully stepped over the doorstep into the narrow hallway. The living room door was open and she pushed it right back against the wall as she entered the room. The emotions were stronger in here, seeping into her until her heart was pounding and a trickle of sweat ran down her back. You’d think after being on the force for over five years she’d be used to situations like this. To be honest she wasn’t sure she ever would be, and maybe it was for the best – if you stopped being scared you could get overconfident and that led to mistakes.

Shannon swept the room with her gun, her heart jumping into her chest when she saw a red patch seeping into the carpet and leading behind the stained brown couch. She kept turning constantly as she stepped over to it.

A surge of pity went through her as she stared down at the body of a middle aged man. He was thin, his face lined and careworn, a dark red stain spreading across the front of the faded checked shirt he wore. She automatically went to check for a pulse, though the pale blue eyes staring glassily at the ceiling already told her that she wouldn’t find one. Shannon closed her eyes a second against the guilt, if only she’d got here sooner.

Her fingers trembled slightly as they hovered over his skin. I thought you weren’t going to do this again. She told herself sternly, but guilt won out. If only she’d got here sooner, she owed it to the man to try anything to help now. Her teeth gritted as she lightly pressed her fingers against his cold skin and forced her mind to open.

Images and emotions flooded her, swamping her senses until she felt as through she was drowning under them. Panic, they were here, they had finally found her – fear not for herself, someone needed to be protected. She tried to grasp onto that image but it was swept aside, the thud of the door echoing through her. A brief flash of images, three men, she didn’t know them but she knew why they were here. Questions, they wanted something and they couldn’t have it, and then pain – shooting through her, so that spots appeared behind her eyes and she could see darkness racing towards her.

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  1. Wonderful, descriptive writing. Shannon is filled with emotion at the scene. I’d love to read the whole book.

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