My Sexy Saturday 27/02/16

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I’m a bit late posting today – computer problems yet again *sighs* but I’m happy to be joining in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop today. The theme is paranormal – so you know I couldn’t miss that 😉 This week’s excerpt is from Scarlett Legacy, and I’m currently hard at work on the sequel. Hope you enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the excerpts here:


sl rough 4For a moment, she imagined the room full of elegantly dressed people twirling across the floor. It would be an amazing sight. But hadn’t she intended to stay away from this man?

Amusement crossed his face as though he could tell exactly what she was thinking. “I assure you it will be a large affair; you could probably avoid me all night if you so desired.”

Natalia found herself smiling despite her reservations.

“I would prefer it if you were inclined to grace me with one dance.” He took her hand before she could protest and heat curled through her again. She tried to force her breathing back to normal.

“I haven’t even said I’ll go yet.”

Damian smiled, brought her hand to his lips, and lightly kissed it. Her breath caught and her tongue nervously snaked out over her dry lips. He held her gaze a long moment, and just when she was sure he would lean into her, and she was probably past stopping him, he abruptly released her.

“No, you haven’t agreed to come, but I hope you’ll consider it. I’ll arrange for an invitation to be dropped off for you.”

Panic sparked. She didn’t want him coming by her little cottage again. The man was entirely too disturbing to her peace of mind. No matter how many times she told herself that she needed to avoid him, or how much his behavior annoyed her, the moment he touched her, all her good intentions seemed to go straight out the window. She didn’t trust attraction like that. It felt too intense to be real.

“It’s fine. If everyone is going from the village then I’m sure they’ll have the details.”

He smiled again. She was rapidly starting to get annoyed with that smug look, like she was amusing him terribly. “I’m sure they will.”

Wolves_wolf_great_wallpapers_for_your_deskopTurning, he led the way to the grand foyer, which she had to admit was magnificent, and opened the huge double doors for her. She could see why the back entrance was easier, though she had to admit it did give her a bit of a fairy princess feel to be leaving a castle through the wide arched doorway and down the curved steps.

Natalia snorted slightly at the absurd thought and shot a sideways glance at Damian. Was he supposed to be the fairy prince then? That seemed even more ludicrous.

He suddenly grinned at her, a wide, wicked smile that showed his teeth. “I’m the Big, Bad Wolf, my dear. Don’t ever think otherwise.”

Then he turned and headed back into the house, leaving her staring baffled after him. Was that some really weird coincidence or had he actually responded to her thoughts?

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