Monday Catch Up

Hi all,

Happy Leap Year! Hope you’re enjoying your extra day of the year – even if it does have to fall on a Monday. It’s been a busy week here, have been doing extra hours at the EDJs (evil day jobs) and went to see a band in Glasgow on Friday. I don’t know if too many of you will have heard of Therapy? (if you have then, yay, you have good taste lol) but they were fantastic live, really enjoyed it.

wolf coupleWith everything else on then haven’t had as much time for writing, but managed to get a bit caught up over the weekend so not feeling too bad. Niko and Katya’s story is now at 43k, I’m thinking it will probably come in somewhere between 50 and 60k so the end is sort of in sight – through a few more twists and turns lol. Hey, you can’t make it too easy on your characters 😉

I’m enjoying being back in that world though, so hopefully the rest of you will feel the same way.

Take care x

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