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Hope you’ve had a good week. I’m happy it’s Friday, though am stuck having to go into the EDJ today. It’s normally my day off but had to take kitty to the vet yesterday to get her vampire-looking front fang checked out lol. Still weekend is almost here and it’s off to a good start since I have the lovely Lisa Bilbrey visiting to chat about her new release, Forgotten Awakenings (woot!)

Thanks so much for being here, Lisa. So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

profilepicsmallI’m Lisa—a mom, a wife, a librarian, and a writer. I love books, I love writing, and I find myself longing to be deep in a love story, letting the raw emotions flow through my words.

Sounds like one of the best places to be 🙂 Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

There wasn’t one moment that really stands out. As a little girl, I always had stories running through my head and my dolls often acted them out, but I never thought I could write. I struggled in school and let fear and doubts keep me down. So, when I made the decision to try, I was terrified, but I fell in love with the process.

I was the exact same way! Put it for ages because it was just much too scary – and tbh it still is but the good side turns to make up for it now lol. Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

Not really. I write every day, or try to at least. I have to have music or the T.V. on. I just can’t handle the silence.

Ooh, every day is dedication. I try and get into the routine, but it doesn’t always work! Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

Everything I write is a romance with a sub-genre that often changes depending on the book. I have several contemporary romances, a paranormal romance, an erotica romance, and have a suspense romance in the work.

Some nice variety then 🙂 Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

JK Rowling is the one who stands out the most. I think she’s brilliant and has such an amazing way to tell a story. I loved her Harry Potter novels, but I also love her Cormoran Strike Series that she writes under a penname, too. R.E. Hargrave, Lindsey Gray are a couple more.

I love JK Rowling – when I first moved here was really excited that was living in the same area of town (though the less ‘posh’ bit lol!). Sadly though, never saw her and believe she’s moved now *sighs* Ah well, moving on, what five things could you never do without?

My family is the most important to me. They’re so incredibly supportive and often give me plot twists. Also, my laptop, my flash drive, my cell phone, and sunflower seeds.

FAReleaseHehe, now I’m wondering if they’re for munching or for growing sunflowers 😉 Tell us a bit about your new release.

Forgotten Awakenings is the second book in my Awakenings Series. In the first book, Forbidden Awakenings, Elle and Sadie, who have been friends with benefits for years, meet Derek and Callum, who have been best friends for years. The four decide to pursue a relationship that defies social standards, and by doing so, Elle finds herself facing a lot of heartache. Without giving away too much, in book two, Elle struggles to deal with the aftermath of a dangerous situation that threatens to tear her away from her lovers. The books are passionate and full of love, sex, and passion, but mostly, they’re about being true to who you are and loving yourself.

I think that’s something everyone can relate to, no matter the genre or group pairings. Where did your inspiration for it come from?

I’ve always been a believer in love and passion and believe that it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, or whatever. When I started writing this series, I knew there would be those who didn’t get it, who didn’t understand, and I wanted to write these characters in a way that made them want to at least try.

Aww, I very much hope they do – love is love at the end of the day. What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

Finishing a novel that I’ve really struggled with and loving the way it turned out. I always set my books aside for a few weeks and then sit down and read through it again. By doing this, I’m able to read it more objectively. Often I surprise myself with the way I write things, or plot twists that I come up with.

Lol, I must admit I have a terrible memory when it comes to my own writing and I’ll often go back and find it suddenly coming back to me! What was the hardest part about writing it?

Not letting doubt keep me down. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my writing, even though I do think I am a good story teller. And it’s hard to put myself out there, I worry about being rejected, but I keep striving to get past my fears and become a better writer. And the only way I can do that is by continuing to write.

I think it’s something we all struggle with as writers, but like you say the only way to get past it is to keep going 🙂 Speaking of, who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

Oh, that’s a hard one! But I would have to say Derek. He’s this passionate, immature guy, who loves with every part of him. He says things that make me swoon, and he’s honest and real.

Hehe, well now we’re intrigued about him. Just in case anyone isn’t convinced yet, why should we run out and buy it right now?

Because it will make you laugh, cry, smile, and wish love like this was real.

Aww, sounds like some lovely weekend reading 🙂 Here’s the book details for you all:

ForgottenAwakenings KindleBlurb

Two bullets — one just under her right breast and the other in the middle of her left leg. That’s all it had taken to destroy Elle Reid, to leave her weak and useless. Just two little bullets.

Elle gave into her desires and allowed herself to love. The road to redemption hasn’t been easy for her, or her lovers, but together, she, Sadie, Callum, and Derek strive for a life of peace and harmony. But will they get their happily ever after, or will a madwoman’s quest for revenge shattered their dreams?

And you can get your hands on a copy here:


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