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Hi all,

Hope you’re all having a good week. Mine has been busy to say the least, but lots getting done at least. Can you believe it’s April tomorrow – the year is just speeding by! I’m taking part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge all month, so a post a day on a letter of the alphabet – yes, I know, I’m nuts 😉 Since I’m currently working hard on my shifter series, my theme for the month is going to be wolfie. I’m excited to share, and really hope you all enjoy it. In the meantime though, I’m sharing a teaser from my current wolfie WIP, and Kat seems to be getting herself into a bit of trouble!

summer-game-of-thrones-direwolves-34317098-954-536Quickening her pace, she headed down the winding track towards the main village. The light was fading fast, casting deep and slightly creepy shadows, while every rustle in the trees on either side made her start. It’s just your imagination, just your imagination. Or was it? The rustling to her left was getting louder and steadier. Her heart started pounding as she broke into a half jog. The noises were closer though, effortlessly keeping up with her. Sweat broke out, trickling down her back and stinging her eyes. Oh God, what the hell had she been thinking heading out in the dark on her own?

Katya The voice in her head was deep, familiar and edged in concern

Niko? Relief made her not only reach out – something she’d never done before – but stop in her tracks. Thank God, he would find her and…

fierce wolfA huge, furry shape sprang from the shadows, heading straight for her. She screamed in terror as it knocked her down. There was a glimpse of bared teeth, hot breath on her face. Frantically she began scrabbling backwards, another shriek escaping her when a firm hand gripped her arm, dragging her to her feet. A human hand. For an instant she thought Niko had somehow magically found her, but this man was taller, thinner, with shaggy light brown hair. He was human though.

“Please,” she gasped, “you have to help me.”

He smiled at her and his eyes glowed in the faint moonlight. Fuck, not so human. She tried to run but the hand tightened on her arm, she dragged back against him, a strong-smelling cloth pressed against her face. Her struggles slowed and darkness crept in.


Hope you liked. Take care x

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