A to Z Challenge – B for Black Wolf

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So, as you may have gathered from my books and my theme here, I’m a bit of a wolf fan 😉 Sadly, over the years many other people haven’t been and the poor wolf has been misunderstood throughout history and stories.

Many of the wolves that are portrayed as villains in both stories and movies are black wolves.  However, did you know that black wolves don’t occur naturally?

A 2008 study at Stanford University found that the mutation responsible for black fur occurs only in dogs, so black wolves are the result of gray wolves breeding back with domestic canines. The mutation is a dominant trait, like dark hair in humans, and is passed down to the majority of offspring.

It is not entirely clear what benefit black fur has for the animals; they do not seem to be more successful hunters, but do show a marked improvement in immunity to certain infections. Black wolves are far more common in North America than they are in the rest of the world.



pair of wolvesI’ve always had a soft spot for a villain, so the chance to try and ‘redeem’ the Big Bad Wolf was rather irresistible:) I had originally pictured Damian as a black wolf when he was in his shifter form, but after learning the fact above, I realised that wouldn’t fit in with the pack history and backstory. Sometimes, research pays off! Besides, I think he works rather well as a grey wolf, even if I am a little biased.

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9 responses to “A to Z Challenge – B for Black Wolf”

  1. Interesting. Wolves are beautiful animals. I’ve seen wild wolves before but I’ve never seen a black wolf, that would be really awesome to snap a pic of (maybe from a distance though).
    Great post.

    Romance, Passion, & Thrills | ❤ Twitter: @sashaknight

    1. Definitely! I would love to be able to see wild wolves – sadly not too many in Scoland lol! Is def on my ‘to do’ list 🙂

  2. Love the theme.
    And more upon the wolf 😃😃
    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yup, this is def a wolfie month here lol. Hope people aren’t of sick of it by the end 🙂

  3. There was a rumour that they were going to reintroduce wolves here in the UK. That would be something to see.

    1. It would be amazing. I think there were some serious talks in Ireland not so long ago but don’t think anything official came out of it. In the Scottish Highlands would be wonderful 🙂

  4. I’m drawing a grey Canadian Timber Wolf at the moment. I saw loads of wolves when in Italy, Abbruzzo National Park. They have a section where the wolves are protected and you can go and see them. Magnificent animals. When I used to go to Abbruzzo you could hear the wolves in the mountains. The mountain dogs look like wolves and give tourists a fright if they don’t know what they are anyway a bit of atmosphere for you Shelli.


    1. That sounds wonderful, Diana. I’m wanting to visit Italy now! Oh, and I’ve just played that clip and the cat is now very unimpressed with me – she was sat peacefully on my knee and is now stalking the room with tail swishing apparently looking for wolves lol.

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