A to Z Challenge – K for Kiss

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The month is just speeding along, can’t believe we’re on the letter K already! Today is a teeny bit of a cheat, okay so it’s not purely wolf-related but hey I write romances about wolf-shifter so you’ll let me away with it, right? 😉 I love writing romance and the kiss is always an important scene. The first kiss in particular is a defining scene, that first step for the characters that changes their dynamic for good. This one is from my current WIP – I hope you enjoy x

bfsgraywolf1“I’m sorry if I woke you,” he said gruffly.

Those bright hazel eyes shot to his. “I was up anyway. I heard howling. It’s weird, I didn’t know there’d be wolves this close to where people lived.”

A wry smile touched his lips, she had no idea. “Did it frighten you?”

Her brow scrunched. “Not frighten exactly. I’ve never seen wolves in the wild before.”

He grinned at her now. “Would you like to?”

She took a step closer. “What are you talking about? How could we do that?”

He liked the way she said ‘we’. He liked too much about her right now. The cute way her nose wrinkled when she was confused, her scent creeping around every corner of his room, the hint of curves under the ridiculous flannel. A low growl bubbled up, his wolf apparently liked her too. Her eyes widened.

“Did you just growl at me?” An incredulous note was in her voice.

index“Why aren’t you running away, Katya?”

She blinked at him. “Should I be?”


If he had any sense left himself, he would be pushing her away, but the animal side was riding him right now and he found himself reaching out for her hand, dragging her closer until she was stood between his legs, looking down at him.

Her eyes searched his, a crease of confusion between her brows. “It’s weird, but it almost looks like your eyes are glowing. It must be the light in here, right?”

He didn’t answer her, one hand going up to cup the nape of her neck, dragging her mouth down to his. She gave a surprised squeak and then his lips covered hers.

Shit, it was more than he’d ever thought. Desire slammed into him, instantly hardening his body. His senses were pricked, making him keenly aware of every detail. The rough feel of the flannel and under it the warm and softness of her. The silk of her hair under his fingers. But most of all, her mouth. It was all heat and warmth and pure magic.

coupleA tiny whimper escaped her, and he deepened the kiss, stroking his tongue over the seam of her lips until she parted for him and he plundered every inch of her soft warmth. Every inch of him ached with the need to claim her, to possess every inch of her, to plunge into her core and take her as his own. Even with Iyana he’d never felt anything quite this intense.

Shit. He stiffened instantly. What the hell was he doing? Hadn’t he told himself all the reasons this was a stupid idea, and one night of her being under his roof and all his intentions disappeared under a wave of lust. He was acting like some kind of randy fucking teenager.


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  1. This is a great “cheat” day! Love your writing style! So expressive and descriptive.
    Many Blessings,

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    1. Thank you so much x

      1. My pleasure Shelli 🙂

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