A to Z Challenge – P for Puppies

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Hope you’re having a good week, and here’s some cuteness to make it a little better 🙂 Today we’re talking wolf puppies – they always make me smile anyway!

Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, depending completely on their mother and other members of the pack.
cute baby wolf

All the wolves in a pack help take care of the pups. When the pups are very small, other pack members bring food to the mother so she does not have to leave the den. When they are a little bigger, pack members “take turns” bringing them food, playing with them and even “baby sitting.” Once the pups are about eight weeks old, they leave the den and start using “rendezvous sites.” These are meeting places where the wolves gather to sleep, play and just “hang out.” Until the pups are around seven months old, and able to start hunting with the rest of the pack, they stay at the rendezvous site. Often, one of the adult wolves stays with the pups to watch over them.

baby wolves


Most wolf pups are born with blue eyes, which gradually change to a yellow-gold color by eight to sixteen weeks, though sometimes their eyes can change color much later. Occasionally, a mature wolf will be found with blue eyes.


cute wolf

I really love the strong social and family bonds shown by wolf packs, and wanted this to come across in Scarlett Legacy. Plus, there’s definitely going to be more details on wolf pups in the later books!

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